Rejoice! A Full #NuAIDS Lesser Day Beckons

Because moneys speak louder than public health (and thank FUCK for that, amirite??), we finally have sommet like a full Saturday slate.  Praise be!  But don't forget about Premiership Banana Puddings time, first! The Mighty Blues of Everton are in first position (assuming Villa lost yesterday, which I will presume #HAILGAMBLOR),

Sexy Friday, It’s Almost Halloween! edition

I love all holidays as they are days I don't have to work. However, there are some holidays that I like more than others. It will not surprise you that, as a kid, my favourite holiday was Christmas. Obviously, that was due to the presents but I also enjoyed getting together

2020 Quotables – Week 6 (Results)

SCENE: Interior, the DFO Clubhouse. The floor is littered with empty beer bottles, the walls are covered in Iguana Mart posters, and the couch is...sticky. BeerGuyRob: So today's the day, huh? HoratioCornblower: What are you talking about? Is Geno Auriemma finally coming to visit? BallsofSteelandFury: Didn't you read blax's Quotables submissions page this

Sharkbait’s Cocktail of the Week: Apple II

Happy Fall Friday Everyone. Once again, I'm making another seasonal cocktail. This time, we are giving the apple brandy a break, but we're still on the apple theme. Mainly because I still have a ton of apples and apple cider leftover from the orchard trips we've taken the last couple

The English: Are They Human? Case Study 9: Lord Uxbridge’s Leg

Despite controlling one-third of the world's landmass and one-quarter of its population at its peak in the late 19th century, one really has to wonder if the English are even civilized in the first place. As Indian historian and MP Dr. Shashi Tharoor stated in a 2015 speech at Oxford

Less than Elite and Wednesday Night Open Thread

Wrestling Glossary: Blowoff-No this is not a sexual term (in this context). The blowoff match is the end of an ongoing feud between two wrestlers, tag teams or factions. It clears the wrestlers to move onto their next feud. Factions-This is a group of wrestlers united by a common theme or manager.

Let’s Get Positive! Starring, the NFL

Back in the XX Century, university class schedules converted Thursdays into Drinking Days. They’ve been that way ever since, confirmed by Friday hangovers. Recently, Wednesdays became Positive Days, thanks to tWBS’s ”Wednesday Motivational”. Man I miss that guy. /presses Play /crushes the Mute button Lately it’s been suckier than a Jets late afternoon

Your “Ugh – Just That?!” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

Hey look - a Tuesday without football! Damn - I was getting used to that.   NFL Nuggets: The Dolphins have had enough of Ryan Fitzpatrick, so they have decided to move Tua up to first-team and named him the starter for their next game. They are taking advantage of their bye week