Your “Making Do With What’s Available” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: The NHL reopening strategy has both MLB & the NFL contemplating how they will go forward. Baseball has pretty much planned out nothing to this point, but the "hub city" idea was their initial strategy for Florida & Arizona. Their latest strategy is to start on July 4,

Shooting Yourself In the D*ck With An AR-15: Comments on the MLB “Reopening”

At this point, political humor is dead. To quote Penny Arcade: “It’s like trying to make fun of a clown. What, are you going to make fun of his tiny car? His floppy shoes? It just doesn’t work.”   Similarly, we’ve run through all the stand-up specials, animated sitcoms, obscure British 90s

AFL Beat Post Quarantine Update

This week... Footy is back!! Welcome to Balls of Steel's AFL Beat! Previously, the AFL announced that games for the 2020 season would resume starting on June 12, 2020. This week, the AFL released the schedule for Rounds 2, 3, 4, and 5.  Here are the games in all their glory.  Please remember

I hope all the US-based Commentists are having a nice holiday weekend. Having just recently enjoyed one up here, thanks to our devotion to the monarchy, I can say that under any circumstances, they are warmly appreciated. By fortune of the calendar, it's the actual May 2-4 weekend, which I

Sunday Gravy with yeah right and DJ TAJ: A Joint Effort for a Pulled Pork Sandwich

DJ TAj will start our proceedings today Welcome to week 8 or is it 9? in the Covid cave, Christ does it even matter? Personnel hygiene has become optional and I've been wearing the same pair of underwear for eleven days ( I wonder what the record is?) the constant stench

Lesser Footy May Day – How Many tWBS’s Shall There Be?

Yes, those lovable, cuddly Krauts are in full swing on FS1 and assorted sister channels.  Dortmund/Wolfsburg and Borussia Unpronounceable/Aspirin FC highlight the 9:30 slate.  Bayern (the side you've heard of) gets Eintracht Frankfurt at 12:30, and should be ok viewing.  Except...the play has been choppy after the long, weird break. 

Dead Sexy Friday: A tWBS Tribute

As you all know from Don T's Wednesday post, the man we all knew as tWBS passed away on Monday. FWIW, as he would write, it seems he passed away in his sleep without suffering. So, that's something. Many of us got to know him in real life and we're lucky