AFL Beat 2020 Season Round 9 / Evening Open Thread

This week... We have just started a shitload of games in a row:   We had quite a few blowouts:   and IT'S SEXY AFL FRIDAY NEXT WEEK, BITCHES!!   Welcome to Balls of Steel's AFL Beat!   Much like the Australian media, we don't really have much time to reflect upon the Round That Was because there is

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Sweet and Spicy Thai Style Chicken Wings

Good morning everyone! Hope everybody remains healthy and masked up out there. Here's a little tidbit for you: the NFL season is supposed to start in just a little over 5 weeks. Holy shit. That happened fast. I say "supposed" to start for obvious reasons. I hope I'm not being overly pessimistic about this but

Your “And In The Distance, A Light Flickered…” Saturday Evening Open Thread

Shh... Listen - in the distance... It's faint right now, but familiar. It's a comforting sound, one that brings to mind hope, and glory. But also pain. The heartache of allowing yourself to be vulnerable. To wanting something you know you can't have. Yet, you must. You need to feel alive. And this will

Paging Rob Manfred, Galactical Disgrace

Please consult with the infinite wisdom of Chuck D: I swear to holy tittyfuck, it's like Manfred's raison d'être is to make The Shield look sane, humane, and competent.  Eat shit, you boot licking motherfucker. In better/Lesser news, our beloved Mighty Whitey survive and advance to face the Bees (nae Moose Hornets)

Sexy Friday, last Friday in July 2020 edition

I know that beerguyrob does an awesome job of getting information for you guys on what's on the TV that you can watch. I usually don't bother with that because: I'm lazyYeah, that's pretty much it. Given the fact that sports are now back in action, that doesn't seem

Your “Don’t Spend It All In One Place” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Noise: Joey Bosa & some barnstorming team called the Chargers have agreed to a 5-year, $135.0 million contract extension. It has $78 million guaranteed at signing, and $102 million in total guarantees. Whatever helps impoverish the Spanos family & helps facilitates a Chargers sale has to be a