Primero Sabado Componadora Open Thread

Hey, how y'all like the pidgin-espanol for "combination?"  Although it won't mean MOAR until next weekend, there's enough on the JV slate to merit some discussion. First, the Lesser Footy.  Rise and shine early for the UNDEFEATED, UN-DRAWN Muthafuckin' Toffees!  This week brings home to West Brom (7:30, Peacock), and the

Sexy Friday, Belated Mexican Independence Day edition

So, last week was Mexican Independence Day. In previous years, this would mean tons of people going to bars in Los Angeles and a lot of people taking off on vacation to visit family in México and partake in festivities there. Obviously, that didn't happen this year. Well, let me rephrase

Hard Ride To Nowhere (Chapter 121)

The scene: That terrifying location within the Wasteland known as the Taboo Region! Specifically, the bottom of the cliff where, until recently, a giant spider had been menacing Moosemas Gorilla, Horatio Cornblower, Otto’s Brain (who are all stuck in webbing) and Future Clone Lynda Carter (who is not). Horatio Cornblower: It’s...gone? Future

The English: Are They Human? Case Study 4: On Whale Sovereignty

Despite controlling one-third of the world's landmass and one-quarter of its population at its peak in the late 19th century, one really has to wonder if the English are even civilized in the first place. As Indian historian and MP Dr. Shashi Tharoor stated in a 2015 speech at Oxford