Your “Was I Snoring Too Loud?” Friday Evening Open Thread

This week's theme is a suggestion by some person who may or may not be known by the moniker of Rikki-Tikki-Deadly. You can't prove anything!!!!!!! Frankly, when the suggestion was made, I was ashamed of myself that I hadn't already thought of it myself.  Honestly. IMHO there are very few things that are

Your “Hotheads Hotheading” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL Noise: The AB thing is over a $4000 moving dispute. A company he hired to store & ship his stuff back from California refused to unload it at his house because he refused to pay. When the van drove away, AB threw rocks at it, causing minor damage. When

Super Harbaugh Rivalry Bros: The War of the Oaken Bucket

Hey Jim. I need some advice. Since this seems to happen to you all the time, I figured you'd be the ideal person to ask. What can I do for you, brother? Well, Jim, I wanted to ask - what's your approach for dealing with getting your ass handed to you on

Your “Take It Where You Can” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Notes: Raise your juice boxes in appreciation - Eli Manning has retired.   It will be formally announced at a special press conference on Friday, after Eli & Daniel finish their final sleepover in The Meadowlands. After 16 seasons & one "fuck you" to the Spanos family, Eli hangs up

The Bleergh Report – Divisional weekend

ALL HAIL BLEERGH. In tribute to Bleergh (the God of Penalties), here are the Divisional weekend's best and worst penalties. I was unable to find the data in anything other than PDF (NFL gamesheets) this week, so these numbers are what I found from said game sheets. Here's a random breakdown of

Your “Mess With The Bull, You Get The Horns” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: The NFL will be experimenting with new rules at the Pro Bowl: Kickoffs after field goals or converts. A modified CFL rule, whereby the kicking team can then Give the opposing team the ball back on that team's 25-yard line to start their series; or An 'onside kick'

Meatless Monday, BC Dick Tuesday

What follows is a curling scoreboard. Not one of those fancy ones you see at your your Scotties and your Briers and various Grand Slam events. No, this is a plain old standard local curling club scoreboard. Unfortunately, they can no longer have the MacDonald Tobacco logo which graced so