Your “Stupid Is As Stupid Does” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Combine idiocy: The Bengals met with, and somehow didn't turn off, Joe Burrow on Wednesday. Partaking in the interview on the team's side were owner Mike Brown, head coach Zac Taylor, offensive coordinator Brian Callahan and others involved with the Bengals combine scouting. Nowhere does it ask his opinion

Super Harbaugh Rivalry Bros: The Transnistrian War

Jim, I want to cut you a deal. Next time we have a family touch football game, I promise I won't chop-block you in the kidneys... Deal. ... more than four times. John, if that's the kind of deal we're brokering, I promise I won't steal your gallbladder and pancreas when you have

Your “Not A Lot Going On” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Notes: Reminder: the Franchise Tag window opens tomorrow. Teams have two weeks to designate an eligible player, which should be lots of fun. The PI Challenge Rule might be gone before the next season starts. In the annual postseason survey taken by the nine-member NFL Competition Committee, teams came

Your “Sure, Okay” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Noise: It looks like Cam Newton is staying in Carolina.   Rapoport reports that new head coach Matt Rhule would prefer to start the season with Newton under center. There may be a strategy to draft Newton's eventual replacement, but for right now it's better for the organization to keep

DFO Radio: Meat

INT. CONFERENCE ROOM - DAY Four members of the Losers Investment Club sit glumly around a table. COLIN COWHERD: So when does Andy get back from Disney World, anyhow? KATIE NOLAN: Disney World?  He never went to Disney World. COLIN COWHERD: But I thought he... BILL O'BRIEN: No, he's in some t-t-t-town in California - Lone P-p-pine,

Meatless Monday, BC Dick Tuesday

My novice curling league was on hiatus this past weekend but there was the little matter of the Canadian Women's Curling Championship, AKA The Scotties Tournament of Hearts! This year's Scotties was held in friendly Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. As a result, there was a huge amount of farm-related advertising on TSN.

Your “‘Who Went Where?’ Ice Football Division” Monday Evening Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: Drew Brees' 20th season will make him the 20th player in NFL history to have hit that mark.   Of the other 19, five have been quarterbacks: Tom Brady Brett Favre Earl Morrall Vinny Testaverde George Blanda The Bucs announced today they will be debuting new uniforms in April.

AFLW Beat – 2020 Round Three

ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?????   Welcome To Ball of Steel’s tWBS’ AFL Beat – 2020 Round Three Friday, February 21 - St. Kilda Saints v Melbourne Demons - Well would you lookit that.  St. Kilda gals finally broke through.  Trailing much of the match, they got clutch performances, none less than Kaitlin Grieser's two goals to

Your “Everything’s Fine!” Evening Open Thread

So, unless someone figures out a way to upend the flawed process that exists, it's going to be Bernie, huh? Good luck with that. In other news, let's again all rejoice at the fact that the Leafs lost to their AHL zamboni driver. Here's the contract he had to sign. He got $500