Never has been.

From the (perfectly legally) ‘roided up teams of the 70s to the Dastardly Duo currently under center, the “Steeler Way” has always been the same “Way” as every other franchise:

Win At All Costs.

That’s it.

The sanctimonious moaning and wailing from the Confluence over the Michael Vick signing would be hilarious if it weren’t so hypocritical.

From James Harrison smacking his wife around to Ernie Holmes SHOOTING AT A POLICE HELICOPTER, Steelers management and fans are exactly the same as those of every other franchise when the first thing they ask is “Did he hurt himself doing it?”

I get that people view the Vick felony conviction as different. What he did was unforgivable. I certainly haven’t forgiven him, and I’m not particularly thrilled about the idea that the Steelers picked him up.

But what I’m less thrilled about is the idea of THE BEN going down with a 2-4 week injury in mid-/late November and seeing Landry Jones out there for a single play of that SEA/IND/CIN/DEN/BAL gauntlet they close the season with.

Holy FUCKBALLS Landry Jones.

So that’s it. Having Michael Vick on the team gives them a better chance to win than they had yesterday.

As they’ve proven before and will prove again, the Steelers are all about winning over character.

The “Steeler Way” is a fraud.

Deal with it.

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