Your Faux-Existential Monday Night Thread

Everywhere you turn around these days it seems like things are going to shit. Whether it’s be-headings abroad or mass shootings here or government officials telling outright lies and not being called on it or hell, not getting that raise you were promised-don’t you think it would be nice to have some semblance of order? I’m not talking law and order, I’m just saying things should occasionally make a little sense. “But scotchnaut”, you interrupted before I was finished my thought-“the world is full of grey areas, there are no absolutes.” Sure, I get that and I’m with you most of the time but it would be nice if things were simpler, just for a bit. I’m not asking for ball-jarring change either. Let’s start off small-say, I don’t know…hmm, what about a Giants victory tonight? A win would separate them from the Eagles, a loss would send the NFC East into a chaotic jumble of two 3-3 teams followed by  a 2-3 team. More messiness for you, me and the world to deal with. Embrace Clarity. Go Giants!

NYG @ Phi: Eli has been a whole ‘nutella QB so far this year. He’s got the 10 TD’s with only 2 picks (though he could regress in a heartbeat and add 3 to the total tonight) and due to some very solid play from O-linemen Pugh, Richburg and Schwartz he’s only been sacked 4 times. Red zone-wise the Giants grade out at 29th in the league. (I read that Coughlin calls it the green zone because ‘green means go’ and of course the lawn thing). The three-headed mediocrity of Vereen, Jennings and Williams aren’t doing the running game any favours, Beckham is hamstringed by a leg injury as is Randle plus Kennard and Prince are out. The Eagles have taken 10 of the last 13 from NY but DeMarco does have a putrid 2.7 ypc and Matthews is out. If it falls on Bradford I’ll take my chances.

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Marc Trestmans Windowless Van

Blindspot doesn’t even try to give white bald guy in his 50’s CIA agent a personality. I hold that against them more than black guy on the good guys team that they have tried repeatedly to make interesting, but failed spectacularly every time

You get a Jaimie Alexander pic because I am talking to myself this morning

Marc Trestmans Windowless Van
Marc Trestmans Windowless Van

Lena Heady to start your day. The tabs were still open and instead of closing them I felt I should share

Bloody Lethal

I want to say that as soon as my close friend/roommate/jets fan brought his girlfriend into the apartment last night I knew the Giants were boned. She’s terrible luck. She Yoko’d our men’s roller hockey league championship. 0-3 when she’s around. SOMEONE NEEDS TO TELL HIM.

Marc Trestmans Windowless Van

Castle this week was just bad. Never watch it. Ok. I am going to bed for the night now.

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