Cleats on the Ground – WBC (VZ v PR & DR v US)

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Four games down, two to go. And the nightcap being a win or go home game! The organizers must have loved that. This is arguably the best $150 I’ve spent on tickets for a sporting event. If it happens at Petco again in 2021, I’ll definitely go again.

Venezuela vs Puerto Rico

Martin Perez, SP. Altuve again playing 3B. Kennys Vargas up to bat.

Vargas had a typical slugger line in this game: 2-5, HR, 3 K

Jose De Leon, SP. Carlos “I am a much taller 3B” Correa.

Puerto Rico was judicious with their pitchers in this game. It was a great strategy knowing they would only have two days off before playing in LA.

Puerto Rico fans turned out well again. Lots of drums and noisemakers. And Puerto Rico’s batters didn’t let them rest. Venezuela never stood a chance. I thought Puerto Rico was gonna run rule them in the 7th but I guess they wanted to get a couple more pitchers in for some work.


This had been an amazing week of baseball so far and there was still one more game to be played. None of this would have happened for me without the approval of my wife. With an almost 3 year old to wrangle and seven months along with our second child, I owe her quite a bit right now for giving me a pass on essentially a week worth of parenting. I am a lucky guy and I know it. So, Saturday morning before heading to the games, I took my daughter to her gymnastics class.

Maintaining balance

And spent an hour with them at Balboa Park in between games so my daughter could play on the playground. It was the least I could do.


Dominican Republic v United States 

It was a legit sellout for the win or go home game. The line to get in the stadium was pretty ridiculous.

Line for Haunted Mans…security at Petco Park

A couple of guys in Barstool Sports jerseys complained the whole time about everyone being assholes (security, organizers, other fans). They seemed like fun guys.

I grabbed beers after making my way into the park. As I was walking to my seats, I was about 10 rows away and Giancarlo Stanton hits a line drive foul that a guy catches in his glove three rows behind my seats. Now I’m not saying I’d have caught it but damn if I didn’t get the chance to try. 30+ years of attending baseball games and I’m still waiting for that first specific souvenir. Although, since I’m currently rehabbing from a fractured wrist, not trying to catch a line drive off the bat of Stanton is not the worst thing.

Ervin Santana…not the most confidence inspiring starter

And after starting off well, he tailed off quickly.

Danny Duffy…erratic but effective

Both pitchers got their pitch counts up pretty quickly. Duffy thankfully was able to settle down after a rough first inning.

Approximate location of Stanton’s blast from my view.

Giancarlo Stanton hit a mammoth home run into the second deck of the Western Metal Supply Building. Someone around me said the ball off the bat was going 117mph. Insane.

Flashing lights

The picture doesn’t really do it justice but the fans were using the strobe light effect on their phones to distract the players. Couldn’t figure out if it was US or Dominican fans. It made for a cool visual either way.

Impromptu dance party

Adam Jones’ catch was pure insanity. I was in the concourse when it happened. So I had to watch it on a small tv. But at least I got to watch replays of it a few times.

This couple was sitting one section over.

The crowd went nuts on McCutcheon’s two run double. Big insurance runs.

Gregerson pitching to Machado to close it out.
Hero of the day

Jerseys/attire: Naranjeros, US Marines, non-WBC Puerto Rico, Purdue University, LSU, SD Girls Fastpitch, University of Michigan, U*NC, Gonzaga, Lake Elsinore Storm (MiLB), Argentina (Messi), Eagles, 2010 American League all star, Portland SeaDogs (MiLB), Mexicali, San Francisco Seals, CSU Fullerton, Durham Bulls, UC Davis, Cornell University, University of Wisconsin, Red Wings, USD, SDSU, UCONN, Reno Aces (MiLB), Boston Bruins

The Tampa Bay Rays were the last MLB team that I needed to find. I honestly didn’t think I would see it. I didn’t even know if the Rays had fans. Then, a young child in a Boston Bruins jersey and blue hat standing at the wall trying to get a foul ball turned around. There it was. The interlocking TB. I couldn’t believe it. All 30 teams represented in some form of gear at the WBC. It was perfect as the last team attire I witnessed.

Beers consumed:

First game-Coors Light, Ballast Point Mango Even Keel, Goose Island IPA, bud light (25oz)

Second game-Founders All Day IPA (2), bud light 25oz (3)

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Relatively new father for 2nd time in eastern San Diego. Ex-Charger fan. Padres apologist. Aztec football season ticket holder. New supporter of 'Roos footy. I like beer.
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So, are y’all gonna hate me when I tell you that I’ve only been to maybe 30 baseball games in my life, haven’t been to one in at least a decade, and that I HAVE caught a foul ball?

Yes, I wrote in it the date, opponent, and the player that hit it. And I still have it. I’m not a complete animal.

Low Commander of the Super Soldiers

“You should have just lied to him about that being the real ball. Always works for me. “

Buddy Cole's Halftime Show!

We saw the Binghamton Mets 3 years ago and a looping foul ball came back and hit an inattentive businessman on his head, and landed right in my younger brother’s hand.

He actually gave the ball to the guy out of pity, but when we drove home it became “Fuck that guy, I wish I kept the ball.”

Moose -The End Is Well Nigh

No, not at all, we will hate you for other unjustified reasons.

Moose -The End Is Well Nigh

We hate you because you are beautiful.


A couple of guys in Barstool Sports jerseys complained the whole time about everyone being assholes (security, organizers, other fans). They seemed like fun guys.

There was a couple like that behind me at Customs last week. When I finally got to the agent I asked him, as a personal favor, if he could do something to make sure it took another fifteen minutes for them to get through.

Enrico Pallazzo

Toddler gymnastics class = complete anarchy


Never been to Petco; how much for a 25 oz Bud Light? Angels Stadium maybe $11-12.


This is most true. I’ve been to about 20-22 major league stadiums and it’s in the top 5.
Stay in the Gaslamp and walk to and from the game.
Great time.