Your “Get over here-this is MANDATORY” London-Calling Clash Of The Not-Titans Open Thread

Whelp, it’s really frickin’ early again so we must be back here in The Merry Olde. Today we’ve got two, shall we say, “uneven” teams going at it. After two humbling losses the Saints walked into Carolina and gave the Panthers a 34-13 gut-punch. How did that happen? Also in “what happened?” news, last week the Dolphins took a 20-6 loss to the Jetskis right on the chin. How will this tilt shake out? Damned if I know but we must go…TO THE GAME!

NEW ORLEANS/MIAMI: (9:30 am, even earlier in other spots of the U.S.)

Cutler shat the litter box last week and was then rewarded by being thrown into a small wire and plastic enclosure. He did get to know the team’s luggage during the trip overseas but that can’t be viewed as a positive by him. Plus-NO SMOKES! I can see his tail twitching right now. His counterpart has for the first time in his career gone three straight games without throwing an interception. As always with the Saints these days it’s a matter of how much he can do to compensate for the below-average play of his D. (*snickers*) New Orleans is giving up an average of 311 yards through the air and 438 total per game. So this should be a slam dunk for Miami, right. Not so fast, bumpkin. The Fins secondary is allowing opposing qb’s a mind-blowing 79% completion rate to this point in the season. Wow. Also, Oof! So it would appear that we’ve got a high-scoring affair on our sticky hands. I like scoring!

Gimmee what you got down below. And if you’re lurking, stop by and say hello-you never visit anymore!


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