World Cup 2018 Previews – Senegal

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Hi there, this is the last hurrah before the tourney actually begins! Today we profile Senegal. I’ve always been interested in traveling to Senegal as it is one of the most stable countries in West Africa but we are grading on a curve here. There is still tension in the Casamance distrinct so you may want to not watch the footy there if you are planning on going.

First of all Youssou N’dour is awesome and he is Senegalese.

Things I learned reading up on Senegal for this here post:

Muslim country, did not know that. I figure I am pretty worldly, read a lot, and speak the colonialist language in this country yet I didn’t know that. I really should, kinda feel dumb right now. It could be that I had a night of drinking with some Senegalese in Paris, and since they were drinking I wrongly assumed they were not Muslim.

There is such a thing as West African cruises, I don’t mean a 3 day booze cruise in Mexico or Turkey, this is luxury Virgin Cruises. I did not see that coming either.

Do not be out of the closet in Senegal, guess this goes with the Muslim rules for the country.

The official dish is thieboudienne which is a fish and rice dish which makes total sense due to proximity to the ocean.

Independence was achieved in 1960 from the French.

There is a Senegalese Premier league and it consists of 16 teams. Jaraaf also spelled Diaraf is running away with it. They are from Dakar and are the most successful club in the country. Every single player is Senegalese.

This is the Senegalese 2nd trip to the World Cup, they haven’t been in 16 years. The last time they were in the tournament they beat France! That must have felt really good.


What are we bringing to the table?

From the Independant “Senegal’s preparations got off to a slow start with just seven players on hand for their first training session at the Diambars academy, some 80-kilometres from the capital Dakar, on Tuesday.” That doesn’t sound like a good start.

Looking at their squad list every single player plies their trade in Europe.  Sadio Mane is the focus for Les Lions de la Téranga to get through their group. He is in great form recently coming off the loss to Real Madrid in the Champions League. He will be expected to stretch play and beat defenders with his pace.

Their midfield has Momo Diame who is tough as nails for Newcastle as well as Idrissa Gueye who played well for Everton this past campaign. I guess since there is an Evertonian in the lineup Hippo will support tehm, as long as Mane doesn’t score, dirty scousers.

They are in a group with Poland, Japan, and Columbia which has no juggernauts in it.

I have no stupid backpacker story for you this week as I have never been to Senegal.  I do have the odds for everyone to peruse for their gambling pleasure.

Prediction: Well in the futbol clubhouse we have taken a shining to Columbia (nawt Wakezilla) so we foresee them coming through. Their match against Poland will be key as Japan is a dumpster fire and I see them finishing bottom. It seems there is always one African team that surprises people and goes through. Why not them?

All odds compiled from and they are very fluid.

Germany 5 to 1 –  Can they do it again with the same team?

Brazil 11 to 2 – I just don’t feel it this year, but I am wrong a lot.

Spain  6 to 1 – I hate Ramos but love watching these guys play.

France 6 to 1 – I like it, that draw against the Yanks was perfect.

Argentina 10 to 1 – Is this the year for Messi & co.?

Belgium 11 – 1  – Seems like Big Rom’s head is in the right place.

England 16 to 1 Ahahahahahahahaha. The media meltdown is always good readin.

Portugal 25 to 1 No. I am not even looking to see if Pepe is in the squad. Fuck that guy.

Uruguay 25 to 1 – This isn’t bad at all.

Croatia 33 to 1. No chance.

Columbia 40 to 1. This is worth 20 dollars of my money.

Russia 40 to 1. Unless Putin has something to do with it.

Poland 66 to 1. Lewandoski isn’t that good.

Denmark 100 – 1. I would love to see it.

Mexico 100 – 1. That seems very high, or is it me?

Switzerland 100 to 1. 25 dollars for a McDonald’s meal in 2004??

Sweden 150 to 1. The brunettes are sexier when visiting there. Wasn’t what I expected.

Egypt, Nigeria, Senegal, Serbia, Peru, Iceland 200 to 1. Come on Vikings!

Japan, Australia 300 to 1. Weird how these two are deemed to have less a shot than the 6 above.

Costa Rica, Morocco, Iran 500 to 1

South Korea, Tunisia 750 to 1 I totally forgot Korea is in this. Isn’t there even more teams in 4 years?

The Saudis, Panama 1000 to 1.

I hope everyone has a great World Cup and that even the haters find something interesting to grab on to and enjoy.

A pugs best friend. Wine drinker. Loves to use the letter U behind O. Iggles fan, Fulham FC supporter. Bartend as a hobby in Canadia. One of the resident futbol freaks at the clubhouse
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King Hippo

Everybody likes Gana (the name Idrissa Gueye usually goes by), he’s a hard-working, pain in the arse type.

Mane is one of the least objectionable Redshite, so Senegal is cool with me to take 2nd in the group.


Croatia is 33:1? That’s worth a tener


“You spelled ‘teener’ wrong.”

-Roy Moore


Senegal is interesting because I can easily see them in the quarterfinals and I could easily see them finishing tied for 3rd with a point. Ultimately, I think they are too inexperienced.

The next world Cup, however, assuming they qualify, they could be a legit threat for the title.


The closest I can come to a Senegal hookup story is that I dated a South African woman who was Muslim. We lived together for about a year (we had a green house snake as a roommate!) and had, shall we say, a tempestuous relationship. She once told me that dating me was the biggest mistake she had ever made and she was probably not wrong.


I’m going to enjoy watching Spain implode because they fired their coach over contractual impropriety.

Senor Weaselo

Tampering with themselves!


Is that what the kids in Europe call it nowadays?


A former Real Madrid player taking over Real Madrid players. It’ll sadly not be an issue. They’re too good