Rest In Peace, Mr. McCovey

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I’m no Giants fan, to be sure.  But this man was a class act.

And he could sure as shit mash a pitch.

Willie McCovey dies at 80 after Hall of Fame career with San Francisco Giants  (

McCovey starting in 1959 as a 21-year-old spent 22 seasons in the major leagues. All but three of those came with the San Francisco Giants. Along the way, McCovey tallied 521 home runs; 1,555 RBI; 1,229 runs; 2,211 hits; and 1,345 walks (260 of which were intentional). McCovey also boasted a career line of .270/.374/.515 (147 OPS+) with a career WAR of 64.5. McCovey made the All-Star team six times and won the NL MVP Award in 1969. All those aforementioned intentional walks speak to his standing as one of the most feared left-handed hitters of all-time.

McCovey was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame on the first ballot in 1986.


Rest in peace, Good Sir.

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My Dad remembers listening to McCovey’s first game on the radio from across the country(Fuck Horace Stoneham), the man had two triples. He then took a baby nomonkey to Stretch’s last home game. He said that was the moment he felt like a full adult.
Why couldn’t Bobby Richardson have been a few inches shorter?