DFO DOUBLE SHOT Radio: Buckle Up and Gingers

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Welcome to another rushed edition of DFO DOUBLE SHOT RADIO! No, this isn’t going to be like that time when we drafted musicians and Ian simply drafted the members of the Canadian band Rush.  This is going to be hastily written and published, like that time Bill Barr completely torpedoed his own legacy as a respected lawyer by summarizing a report that specifically said it did not exonerate the Hamberdler as a total exoneration.

A couple months ago, tWBS generously stepped in and took care of things while I was on vacation, instructing us to “buckle up” and select songs about cars.  I let DJ 3000 decide on the Pick of the Week, and he went with ALXMAC’s selection of The Cavaliers and “Oh Where Can My Baby Be”. God, I hate that song. The lyrical craftsmanship gives Lenny Kravitz a serious run for his money. [skips to next song] Fuck, INCUBUS? I hate them too! And then…East Bound and Down?  You fucker, DJ3000.

And just this last Friday, Andy Dalton invited us to celebrate Gingers.  The Pick of the Week goes to Cyndi Lauper – nomonkeyfun gets credit for the pick, scotchnaut gets credit for the song (which I like the best of the four Lauper offerings). You’d think that people without souls wouldn’t produce such fine music, but you’d be wrong.  Lots of good tunes in this one.  I think of these Jenny Lewis is the only one I’ve seen live – at the Greek Theater with Rilo Kiley.  Enjoy!

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Game Time Decision

I thought only male red heads had no soul.


Playing the Gingers playlist…no matter how many times I’ve heard it, “No One Knows” kicks a lot of ass. Dave Grohl’s drumming is beastly.


Couple months ago? Really? Has is it really been that long?
/check dates/posts
Holy crap, I’m getting old fast.


I missed this one last week. I had forgotten that Mike Dirnt (Green Day bassist) went red for a time….


Your Green Day groupie privileges may be revoked.


I think we missed this one too.