DFO DOUBLE SHOT Radio: Can We Talk About It and Rage Against the Machine


For the second week in a row, you’re being treated to a playlist curated by the irrepressible Thee Wee Baby Seamus, who continued his superb job of filling in during my vacation with the topic of “Can We Talk About It” – a playlist of songs about “talking, not talking, avoiding talking, talking too much, or anything else involving communications.”  In a roundabout way of keeping with the theme, I’m offering DJ 3000 an olive branch and again letting him choose the Pick of the Week in spite of the way he spat raw electricity into my face last week.  So this time, the Pick of the Week goes to…

Hey, not bad, DJ 3000!  I’m glad we kept the T-1 line open.  The pick was made by ALXMAC, whose faithful contributions late in the day have not gone unnoticed but probably haven’t received proper appreciation until now.  Good call, DJ 3000.  Keep it up and we’ll see if we can find a chance for you to host the show someday.

Next up is Rage Against the Machine, a topic hastily tossed out there by yours truly after a computing mixup ate the bulk of an unfinished post that I’ll revive this week.  The Pick of the Week on this one goes to Low Commander of the Super Soldiers for his choice of “Ty Cobb” by Soundgarden as we approach the one year anniversary of the passing of the incredibly talented Chris Cornell.


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Low Commander of the Super Soldiers



Don’t get too excited about this Rick and Morty news. I heard George R.R. Martin is involved in the writing of the series…



comment image

Game Time Decision

I’m assuming that the emperor here is Belichick and that in 2 years he’ll pick up some or all of these guys for pennies on the dollar.

Senor Weaselo

Anyone with a Gru meme?


“Sweet Talkin Woman” is more fun if you pretend the background singer with the deep voice is saying “HODOR” instead of “slow down”


I have been repressed many times!!!!!!!!


– Nick Bosa


We would have also accepted “Andy Reid’s panini maker.”


Also, a male professional athletes sexual orientation.