Wednesday Motivational – Be Kind

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I’m about to sound like a crazed Hippie.

Don’t care.

I try to be kind to every stranger I meet and also with those in my life I deal with regularly.  Family, friends, etc..  Admittedly, it’s sometimes a difficult thing to accomplish.

Some people won’t accept kindness.  They’re just not built for it.  Some people will accept it and then screw you over anyway.

There’s an old saying that no good deed goes unpunished.  And unfortunately that can be very true at times.

But not always.

Because of various events and circumstances recently, I had become very cynical over the past coupla years.

I don’t like being that person.

If your kindness to someone else can change one life for the better, isn’t that worth effort?

I think it is.

Now, I’m not saying you should let other people take advantage of you.  And some will try.  They’re out there, it will happen.  There are terrible people in the world.  Trust me.  And when it happens, it totally sucks.

And when that happens they have to go bye bye from your life.  Sooner rather than later.  You certainly have to stand up for yourself in those sorts of situations.  But it’s good to keep an open mind and still be open to OTHER people who might be open the kindness, and who will offer it back to  you.  Or back to others.  Don’t let the people who take advantage of you change yourself, who you are, or give you a rationale for taking advantage of other people.

So these days, I’m trying really hard to be the bigger person in every encounter I have with another human being.  I think it’s worth the effort to be kind.  Even if they aren’t kind back, at least you know you did what you could.  If they don’t accept it, that’s a “Them Problem”….  not a “You Problem”.

By doing so, I’ve recently met quite a few people who have enriched my life.  In a VERY positive way.  Had I stayed cynical, that would have never happened.

And I like that.

You never know for sure what a simple act of kindness can do for another person.  And you might not ever know.  But you CAN know you treated another human being with kindness and respect.  And you can feel good about yourself.  That’s a pretty big deal.

If we all treated each other with kindness and respect, just imagine what could happen.

Just Imagine.

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Being the bigger person in every encounter with people directly contradicts my weight-loss goals. So screw that.


This was a joke and nothing but. And yet…you were able to make it all about you. Weird.

Senor Weaselo

What about rewinding?


Get this off my dick joke site before I kick your ass!


Remember that blax defeated a meth addict.

yeah right

Where did you find the gif of Bill Walton dancing?


Sorry, my policy is Live and Let Die. Not everyone is worthy of being kind to.


I also like Live and Let Die.
comment image


One of my Facebook distant relatives found Jesus a while ago (the kinda-deity, not the gardener). He posts religious stuff all the time, but whatever, no harm no foul. Today he posted about a movie that everyone needed to see, because it’s so inspirational; it’s one of those marketed-to-the-megachurch movies. It’s called…”The Overcomers” and I haven’t stopped laughing. To my credit, so far I have not replied to his post.

(Interesting bio on this relative. When he was a kid, his dad killed his mom. Dad ends up with life in prison, kid gets raised by aunt and uncle. Eventually, prison dad marries some desperate lady. The marriage, to everyone’s shock, does not work out long-term. However, son (now in his 30s) gets with prison dad’s ex-wife and marries her. That didn’t work out long-term either, so now he’s about Jesus and hates the gays. Oh, and his sorta-estranged son killed himself last year. I think the man’s had enough and should get some kind of financial windfall.)

(I hope you have enjoyed this installment of Inappropriate Oversharing By Someone Other Than Seamus.)

yeah right

I have a theory that all the people that you partied with early in life who then became overly infatuated with Jesus have had a huge fuck up at one point in their lives. Most of the time that means a prison stay. I know 3 real life people as evidence.


Definitely. Modern evangelism teaches that once you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you’re golden as far as eternity goes. It’s an attractive reset button (as opposed to working on your flaws and atoning for your missteps). The Catholics are like, “You’re going to hell probably, but if you try really hard every day to do the right thing, you might only go to purgatory.”


So after sitting out for a number of weeks we reinvested some idle retirement money in the S&P 500 two days ago. Within twenty-four hours, things were already up like 1.5%. I was going to crow yesterday about how people should call me THE GAUNTLET because I catch falling knives.

Today all our gains have evaporated, and then some.

I’m planning to do a DOUBLE workout today – arms/shoulders followed by swimming later on. I bought a pool pass that is supposed to be good for 15 visits; so far I’ve been 7 times and they’ve only marked me down for 4. I love those lazy kids working the front desk.


Remember, winning a trade war is easy.


Especially when you haven’t asked people to make sacrifices, expect them to, and then have them have to and seeing no clear explanation why get really pissed off.


All right, weights workout done. Two hour break and then swimming.

Game Time Decision

12 oz curls don’t count


I’m up to 40’s.


The next great depression is coming