Wednesday Motivational – Draw The Line

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Balls Of Steel And Fury  likes to say that his mantra is “Live and Let Die”.

And while I wouldn’t phrase it that way necessarily…..He’s not wrong.

I’ve often had difficulty with letting go of something or someone I cared about….which/whom I should have let go of long before I did.

But I am getting better at it.

Which is not to say one should give up on everyone in their lives just because THEY are having temporary difficulties.  Some people are worth the effort and will come back around.  I’ve had that happen from time to time.  And it is rewarding when it happens.  Giving people a chance, more or less.

But I guess my point is that you have to do it without blinders on.  I did that for a long time.  I trusted blindly.  And I got royally screwed more than once.

My tolerance levels and tolerance times are much lower these days.

You have to see people for who they are as quickly as possible, or else they could take you down too.  Whether it be emotionally, financially, or any other way.

The decent people in your life are worth your effort.  They are the ones who when the chips are down so to speak….will go to bat for you.  Just as you are willing to do for them.  But the “takers”?

Fuck ’em.

When you’re about to take off on an airliner, they tell you…. in case of depressurization of the cabin, you put your mask on first….THEN help those around you.

(sorry, I just thought that gif was funny)


Be Selfish.  There is nothing wrong with it.

You can still help others or do things for others.  Unless they prove themselves to be unworthy.  Then you gotta cut ’em out.

But you can’t do ANYTHING for anyone else, even those who ARE worthy, if you don’t put yourself first.

Even if you haven’t listened to any of this series of posts I’ve written, or the videos I’ve linked in the previous weeks, please listen to this one…..

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Don T

I agree. ✊?


I really like this post.

Moose -The End Is Well Nigh


-Thích Quảng Đức


Can’t spell “immolate” without “ME”


You don’t have to, but it works.

Moose -The End Is Well Nigh

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Moose -The End Is Well Nigh

comment image

Game Time Decision

we should get her to write some of our team previews. Jebus, the hate there.


That’s a girl? I always thought it was one of those boys with long hair. Wow. I’m an idiot.


TBF, when non-shaved/bald fans’ hair length begins at “mullet” it’s easy to get confused.


She looks like she just lost her songwriting credit on “Mmmbop!”