Thirsty Thursday Weekend Fútbol Preview and EPL Pool Update – International Break 2

We are back!  As you know, this is your weekly post to remind you to put the EPL tips in, tell you who is winning, and to give you the weekend’s fútbol schedule so that you could plan your weekend activities accordingly. 

I am also using it to keep you up to speed on how we are doing on the two NFL Commentist competitions and to remind to put your tips in prior to tonight’s TNF game.

Before I begin, I want to give credit for all the hot lady soccer fan pictures to the Fútbol Babes Twitter account. Those folks do the Lord’s Work and deserve a follow from you.

This week’s post is different because all of the world’s leagues are on break for International Team games. Thus, it will be more of a pictures of hot soccer chicks + tipping pools update post. I’m sure you won’t mind.


EPL Tipping Pool Standings

PlaceTipperRound TipsRound MarginTotal TipsTotal Margin
2Son of Spam434310
3Reverend Mayhem354213
4Mr. Ayo434110
5Game Time Decision444012
7Joliet Jake Delhomme554014
14Yeah Right463317
16King Hippo253216
17Don T443114

What a difference a week makes, huh? Last week, Litre and I were basking in the afterglow of a perfect week of tipping and this week we barely scrape by with a 4 out of 10 week.

It was that kind of week and everyone in the pool struggled save for Joliet Jake Delhomme, who managed the top score this week with a 5! Well done, Sir JJD!

There was some movement elsewhere in the pool as many people had similar struggles but the competition is so tight that any little difference in score/margin changes positions. Keep in mind that the results will stay this way through next week as the EPL is off for International matches.

If you want to join the pool, there is still plenty of time as we’ve only just completed Round 7 out of 38. It’s free to play and all you have to do is create an account with ESPN Australia. It’s a different ESPN from here, so your normal ESPN login will not work:



The ball is not the only thing that’s up.
I love purple hair.
Perfect Saturday right there
I really need to do laundry…


Just in time for the NFL Thursday Night Football Extravaganza, here is your reminder to put in your tips for the NFL Tipping Pool and for the DFO Eliminator Challenge. Links are below:

Tipping Pool:

Eliminator Challenge:

After Week Five, there are still 8 Commentists left in the Eliminator Challenge as we had another bloodbath this last weekend. Tough luck to McNair’s Better Half, Senor Weaselo, Charger Fan 1, Short Bus to Glory VIII, and Son of Spam who placed their collective faith in the Kansas City Chiefs to beat the Colts on Sunday Night and were duly rewarded. In addition, Yeah Right showed faith in the Chicago Bears and, quite frankly, got what he deserved.

Low Commander keeps waiting until Monday Night to make his picks and he keeps staying alive in the pool. Will that stay true this week?!? Stay tuned!

As for the NFL Tipping Pool, here are the standings:

PTipperRound TipsRound MarginTotal TipsTotal Margin
1Reverend Mayhem1024944
2King Hippo654856
3Son Of Spam874741
4Game Time Decision794760
7Yeah Right7154663
8Don T1114553
10Why Eagles Why824232
13The King In Yellow633946

A big hearty well done to Don T, who zoomed up the table with an impressive 11 for 16 performance! Not to be outdone, Rev Mayhem took over sole possession of first place with a not-too-shabby 10 for 16. There was movement all over the table as some people had good weeks while others didn’t. Please remember that you get a 5 point bonus for picking all games correctly, so you can catch up quick!

As I always say,





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