Wednesday Motivational – No Comparison

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“The Grass is Always Greener”

You’ve all heard that saying I’m sure.  But it’s not true.

You see others and their seemingly great lives and wish you could trade places.  But you rarely see below the surface.  The things they don’t want you to see or to know about.  This is true even with some people you think you know very, very well.  Trust me.  I was reminded of this fact this past weekend quite by accident.  I won’t go into details.

Moreover, a lot of the times when you’re looking at these people’s lives and wishing you could trade, or wishing you had something they have?  They’re probably looking right back at you thinking the same thing.

Doesn’t do any more good for them than it does for you.

You get the green grass you get.  That’s just how it goes.  Cherish it and appreciate it, whether it be the people in your life or good fortune of one type or another.  It’s yours.  Embrace it as such.

You also get the garbage sometimes.  Make the best of it and move on.

And in the opposite vein, when you unexpectedly learn of someone else’s misfortune or mistakes, someone who seemed to have it all?  Try to be understanding and supportive.  Don’t take it as a sign your grass is greener than theirs.  Because trust me, eventually you’re going to have your own shit go sideways.  Plus you might need a friend when that happens.

No Comparisons to others, good or bad, however.  Not only does it do no good, but it can be harmful to you.

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Old School Zero

Smell ya later, Deadspin. Smell ya later, forever.

Col. Duke LaCross

The Colonel starts with a new therapist on Friday because he’s a fucking MESS!


That’s an awesome first start.


Just an FYI, and I’m sure it seems batshit given my temperament, but I’m now a certified adult mental health peer support specialist.




Congrats man. Well done.

Moose -The End Is Well Nigh

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Game Time Decision

Wednesday motivation update: dishwasher replacement parts have arrived and have been installed. I know you all wondered.

Game Time Decision

Surprisingly no flooding and clean dishes. Who knew RTFM works?