Wednesday Motivational – Take A Chance On You

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When I was a kid, my father told me “Do what you love and the money will follow”.  I’ve since heard it said many times and in many different variations.  But there it is.

You have to find your “gift”.  Your gift is that thing you do which you enjoy doing and are damned good at.  And that’s a different answer for everyone.  Only you know you well enough to be the one who can make that call.  Others will try at times to make it for you.  Don’t let them.

And it’s not just about the money, though hopefully the money does follow if all goes well.  But for me, it was really more about doing what I enjoyed and not dreading having to get up and go to work doing something I hated, day in and day out, just to make ends meet.

That is no way to live, no matter how much money you make while doing it.  Which is not to say one won’t have to do some shit jobs along the journey to getting where you want to be.  We’ve all had to do that.  Just don’t settle into that and let it become your life.

Keep your head up.

Find your gift.

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I’m passionate about naps, my dog, and eating. None of those are really healthy or profitable. My dog bites me and others. She’s a putz – a sweet, adorable putz.

This is all just filling because I haven’t figured out how to delete a post. So many questions. Such little ability to retain how to do things.


The Swedes knew all about this.


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Game Time Decision

if you like what you do, it’s never work


Man, some days killing hookers FEELS like work, but I get your point.

Andrew Daisuke

Craig James!