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As a KC fan since first NFL game I remember seeing on TV (the Nigerian Nightmare was in and ripping shit up), I have hated everything San Diego with a passion, including their old dumb stadium and the other dumb stadium they play at now, which is both dumb and stadium-like.  I think the real reason they are playing in Mexico City in a few weeks is because they know it will be a home game for the road team, a divisional foe, and that would be too much of an embarrassment to Spanos, who really thinks that LA is home for that team.

Rivers uniform at home
Would Boltman (I think mentioning Boltman is mandatory?) like to see Rivers in this? Pretty sure Rivers wears this anyway.

Now, as a person who may or may not have graduated from Fresno State, a team that gave us such great QBs as Trent Dilfer, who was just serviceable enough to win with the Ravens, David Carr, who spent his time running away from defenders so much he still has PTSD, that other white guy who was a backup, and Derek Carr, I am one conflicted nose picking KC fan.  Derek does a lot with the Central Valley Children’s Hospital, a place close to my cholesterol-clogged heart.  His eyeliner is always on fleek.  He’s quite easy on the eyes.  If he weren’t married, I might have his baby (still might).  I hate to see him in a Raider outfit.

Not to say I hate the Raiders completely.  The Central Valley, in between the only 2 worlds of California that people recognize, a Bay area full of hippies eating organic meal worms on pizza, and LA, a place where Tom Selleck lives with his mustache.  I have seen The Ray-duhs play the most of any NFL team simply due to location and vendors with deep pockets.  Many times the Seahawks lost to these douches back in day when those shitty birds were in the division.  It was always fun to listen to the crowd shout things like, “I’m going to fucking kill you!  Sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up!” at those birdy fans in the stands 2 rows down, and the security guard, like some old Irish constable, “Now now, boys, let’s calm down.”  Ah, the charm of watching those life-threatening times.  Kinda brings a tear to my eye.

My hatred for Rivers is deep.  He misses throws at the end of games a few times every season, then throws a downright tantrum about something like a WR out of place, a bad block, someone choking him, or court-ordered chemical castration.  None of these are valid excuses to act like a dick with that punchable face.  Frankly, I’m not sure how anyone hasn’t really punched him in the face mid-game.  Are people afraid of the hundreds of rabid fans in the stands?  At least 2 hundreds of fans?  Maybe more? Nah.

The Chargers really haven’t done anything this season, in contrast to last season, and what the expectations have been.  They did beat Green Bay.  We later found out why when Rodgers said in a very demure, upstanding way, that the team partied too hard in LA.  I assume they must have went to Manhattan Beach to party.  That place is happening without being near downtown.  I remember Saint Patrick’s Day when I dropped off the wife and daughter to hang out there.  I so wanted to stay and party.  Such is life, though, as the male offspring had a fever and needed some attention back at my BIL’s apartment where he was playing Mario Kart.  Kids ruin things.

It feels like Keenan Allen is about 80 and Rivers has been passing to him and him only for a decade now.  He’s consistent, but really thinks he is “LionHearted” as is documented on his Insta.  He’s just the only person worthy of catching a pass on that team.  I mean, Mike Williams, the other guy who seems like he is still learning to how to catch, finally caught something last week, and it wasn’t the clap.  That we know of.

Let’s hope that Nathan Peterman is traded south as a future replacement for Rivers.

Did I mention my disdain for the QB who is from that San Diego (always the San Diego) team?

Since it’s Thursday night, let’s mention the show Evil.  I watched the pilot and had some positive thoughts on it.  The CGI is terrible, though.  Watch it in standard definition to cover that up.

Here is a song to cheer you up from this mess of a game.  I start wiggling my butt in my chair when I hear this one.  It’s a good butt wiggler.  Enjoy!

A face only your mother loves… repeatedly.
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