Wednesday Motivational – You’re Not Alone

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I was having a very difficult time coming up with something which might be motivational to even just one person this week.  Still am actually.  But yet, here we are.

I don’t honestly know if these silly little posts I’ve been putting up for a few months now have truly helped anyone.  Well, that’s not completely true because I have received a couple of emails from some lurkers thanking me for them.  Yet still I almost completely stopped this series months ago.  Mostly because it seemed like a waste of time.  Both for myself, and for the readers.

I didn’t want to sound preachy.  I didn’t want to sound as if I was making judgements or making things about myself.  And hopefully only jokingly, a person or two have implied as much about me over the past few months.

I haven’t been as active on the blog recently as I had been.  Lots of reasons for that, none of which matter in the long run.

But even if not as active in real time online, I do still regularly go back and read through comments.  And what I’ve recently learned is this…

We have had a lot of our people on DFO who are going through a lot of life stuff.  I myself am currently, though not nearly as serious as some others.  Over the years, we’ve had several of our people go through some very terrible life experiences.  Some still are.

When I stumbled upon you group of folks a few years ago, I never imagined that I’d come to care about you idiots to the degree I do.  Many of you I’ve met in person, some on multiple occasions.  Some of you I know fairly well though only through online communications.  Some of you I only know tangentially.

But none of that matters.

And as silly as I am going to sound in saying this…

DFO is a family.  Perhaps often a dysfunctional family, LOL.  But a family nonetheless.

Some days we all get along.  Some days we fight like cats and dogs.  Do we always agree on everything.  Hell no.

But there’s a trust factor there.  We know when shit goes down, this other person, a person with whom I might have been fighting with yesterday?  He/She will have my back when it hits the fan.

So, after all of my insensible blabbering here, what’s this all about?

A few days ago someone I met purely by chance said something to me.  This person is both physically and mentally disabled.  And yet she said something to me which brought me to tears.

Nothing in life is a waste of time if you learn something from it.

Now I suppose that’s not always true across the board, so to speak.  I once played “My Little Pony Monopoly” with my niece for nearly fours hours only to learn that she cheats at board games.  That seems like a big time expenditure just to confirm what I already knew.

(Sorry, I still find that funny)

And  yes, I know I’m rambling so let me wrap this up.

Bad things happen.  Life sucks sometimes.  The varying degrees to which it sucks for one person to the next is mostly just chance.  Which kinda sucks even more I guess.

10% what happens to you.  90% how you deal with it.  We’ve touched on that before.

But if you learn something from the adversity, you can take that forward with you.  It sucks in the moment, but if it makes you better prepared in the future?  That’s at least something.

And do the little things.  Both for yourself and for those around you.  Even if just once a day.  It doesn’t take much effort to do so.  And you never know when some little thing you do will make someone’s day.

(tWBS you damned hippie freak…don’t say pay it forward, don’t say pay it forward, don’t say pay it forward)

And if you’re suffering inside?  Please don’t suffer in silence.  Talk to someone.

Even if it is only one of us imaginary online idiots.

Next week we’re gonna wrap up this series, at least for the time-being

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” And yet she said something to me which brought me to tears.”
Yes, it’s still full price no matter how fast you finish.


Fwiw, I do enjoy these and I do think they help people.


Just remember if your single and still searching for that special someone, first don’t allow Gerald to tag along. Second,
at least until you find that special someone you should…

Brick Meathook

The Gerald story was great!


You could have, but you are a decent and moral person.


Now, let’s not be hasty here…

Don T

Yes, these posts help. (Your words, I mean. I’m not much of a video-clicking guy.) It doesn’t have to involve an epiphany to “help”. Sometimes all that is needed is: a reminder that other persons have similar problems, NOTHING is the end of the world, and that people with empathy are out there. An approach to work shit out is a bonus, and your posts have given plenty of that too. I like ‘em.

Col. Duke LaCross

I’ll never forget the good advice you guys gave me over that Colorado situation. It eventually sorted itself out and I’ve moved on, hopefully to better things (got an extra-wacky situation brewing right now that I’ll get into soon). But my real-life pals had nothing real to offer, and you guys stepped up and did me a solid. I’m DFO 4-Lyfe.

Don T



You know what, when Bandit said to Snowman they had to get from Atlanta to Texarkana and back in 28 hours, they didn’t say ‘no’. They simple noted “That ain’t never been done before.” And they did it!

That’s all the motivation I need.

yeah right

Well said good sir. This site was founded specifically because we had already established the family dynamic on the mother blog. It’s a place to unwind, to vent, to share stories good and bad and I love each one of you deranged fuckers dearly.

Come for the dick jokes, stay for the bondage, I mean bonding.