Euro 2020 Group Stage Draw Recap

The draw took place last Saturday even though not all teams have been determined.

How does that happen, you say?

Well, UEFA decided to introduce a new competition called the Nations’ League to take place during the FIFA International Breaks so as to give more teams a chance at playing competitive games instead of dumb friendly matches and thus get better.

The results have actually been pretty good as the games were hotly-contested and some of the lower-level teams have gotten opportunities to compete they otherwise wouldn’t have gotten.

Case in point: Four spots at Euro 2020 will be awarded to the winners of little mini-tournaments among the teams participating in the Nations League. The whole process and explanation is here. The four teams in each path have been drawn into matchups. Winners of the initial matchups play each other for the right to play in Euro 2020.

The Paths and teams involved are as follows:

  • Path A: Iceland v Romania, Bulgaria v Hungary
  • Path B: Bosnia and Herzegovina v Northern Ireland, Slovakia v Republic of Ireland
  • Path C: Scotland v Israel, Norway v Serbia
  • Path D: Georgia v Belarus, North Macedonia v Kosovo

The other interesting thing about this year’s European Championship is that it will be held in multiple countries instead of just one or two as in the past.

The Groups and (Host Cities) are as follows:

  • Group A: (Rome and Baku) Turkey, Italy, Wales, Switzerland
  • Group B: (Saint Petersburg and Copenhagen) Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Russia
  • Group C: (Amsterdam and Bucharest) Netherlands, Ukraine, Austria, Playoff Winner from Path D unless Romania wins Path A and will therefore go in Group C so it can play at home twice.
  • Group D: (London and Glasgow) England, Croatia, Czech Republic, Playoff Winner from Path C. If Scotland were to win Path C, it would get two home games.
  • Group E: (Bilbao and Dublin) Spain, Sweden, Poland, Playoff Winner from Path B. If Ireland were to win Path B, it would get two home games.
  • Group F: (Munich and Budapest) Portugal, France, Germany, Playoff Winner from Path A unless Romania wins and then the Winner of Path D goes here. If Hungary wins Path A, it will get two home games.

It should be noted that special rules were set up so that:

  • Kosovo, should they qualify, was not drawn in the same group as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Russia.
  • Ukraine and Russia would not be in the same group.

Apparently, UEFA is trying to avoid setting off WWIII.

The full game schedule is below (all times local, home teams listed in bold italics):

Friday 12 June 
Group A: Turkey v Italy (21:00, Rome)

Saturday 13 June 
Group A: Wales v Switzerland (15:00, Baku
Group B: Denmark v Finland (18:00, Copenhagen
Group B: Belgium v Russia (21:00, St Petersburg)

Sunday 14 June 
Group D: England v Croatia (15:00 Wembley
Group C: Austria v Play-off winner D or A (18:00, Bucharest) 
Group C: Netherlands v Ukraine (21:00, Amsterdam)

Monday 15 June 
Group D: Play-off winner C v Czech Republic (15:00, Glasgow
Group E: Poland v Play-off winner B (18:00, Dublin
Group E: Spain v Sweden (21:00, Bilbao)

Tuesday 16 June 
Group F: Play-off winner A or D v Portugal (18:00, Budapest
Group F: France v Germany (21:00, Munich)

Wednesday 17 June 
Group B: Finland v Russia (15:00, St Petersburg
Group A: Turkey v Wales (18:00, Baku
Group A: Italy v Switzerland (21:00, Rome)

Thursday 18 June 
Group C: Ukraine v Play-off winner D or A (15:00, Bucharest
Group B: Denmark v Belgium (18:00, Copenhagen
Group C: Netherlands v Austria (21:00, Amsterdam)

Friday 19 June 
Group E: Sweden v Play-off winner B (15:00, Dublin
Group D: Croatia v Czech Republic (18:00, Glasgow
Group D: England v Play-off winner C (21:00, London)

Saturday 20 June 
Group F: Play-off winner A or D v France (15:00, Budapest
Group F: Portugal v Germany (18:00, Munich
Group E: Spain v Poland (21:00, Bilbao)

Sunday 21 June 
Group A: Italy v Wales (18:00, Rome
Group A: Switzerland v Turkey (18:00, Baku)

Monday 22 June 
Group C: Play-off winner D or A v Netherlands (18:00, Amsterdam
Group C: Ukraine v Austria (18:00, Bucharest
Group B: Russia v Denmark (21:00, Copenhagen
Group B: Finland v Belgium (21:00, St Petersburg)

Tuesday 23 June 
Group D: Czech Republic v England (21:00, London
Group D: Croatia v Play-off winner C (21:00, Glasgow)

Wednesday 24 June 
Group E: Play-off winner B v Spain (18:00, Bilbao
Group E: Sweden v Poland (18:00, Dublin
Group F: Germany v Play-off winner A or D (21:00, Munich
Group F: Portugal v France (21:00, Budapest)

As you can see, some teams have big home-country advantages. Italy, Denmark, Netherlands, England, Spain, and Germany will play all of their Group Stage games at home. Russia will only get two games at home after losing out on a draw with Denmark to determine where their group match would take place.

If they are able to qualify through the Nations League paths, Scotland, Romania, Ireland, and Hungary would play two home games as they are host countries.


Knockout Stage

The first and second place teams in each group qualify for the knockout stages as well as the four best 3rd place teams. That schedule is as follows:

Saturday 27 June 
1: 2A v 2B (18:00, Amsterdam) 
2: 1A v 2C (21:00, London)

Sunday 28 June 
3: 1C v 3D/E/F (18:00, Budapest) 
4: 1B v 3A/D/E/F (21:00, Bilbao)

Monday 29 June 
5: 2D v 2E (18:00, Copenhagen) 
6: 1F v 3A/B/C (21:00, Bucharest)

Tuesday 30 June 
7: 1D v 2F (18:00, Dublin) 
8: 1E v 3A/B/C/D (21:00. Glasgow)

Most likely, no team will have home field advantage in the Round of 16. That will even things up a bit.


So, Who Wins?

The format is so unique and unpredictable that I have to give the advantage to the host countries. One of the following countries hosting games will win Euro 2020:



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Is anyone else getting a 404 error message on the Meatless Monday post?

King Hippo

I don’t see the article at all – maybe he accidentally hit “publish” when he meant “save draft.”

King Hippo

is all good now


Got it now!

King Hippo

Also, you can put Hippo officially on #TeamWarren as of this afternoon.

King Hippo

Bournemouth in in their banana kit today.


Apparently, UEFA is trying to avoid setting off WWIII.

Group D: (London and Glasgow) England, Croatia, Czech Republic, Playoff Winner from Path C. If Scotland were to win Path C, it would get two home games.

No, I don’t see there being any issues between English and Scottish soccer fans this summer. They both want Brexit AND Scottish independence.

King Hippo

Scotland could be a progressive European dynamo, though the worst of the worst Tory cunts would rule “wee Britain” for the net few generations, at least


Group F is ridiculous. Also, the Dutch are lucky they are in a group where they don’t really need strikers to bail them out. That’s the Dutch’s big flaw


How I act like all this lesser footy talk makes me feel:
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How I really feel about all this lesser footy talk:
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It’s a shame the Seattle Zulily’s or XBoxer’s, whatever they are called, didn’t make the group stage. I hear they like the soccer a lot in Seattle.


I will watch and I will make fun of foreigner’s names because there is always so much going on in my life.


Will there be some sort of rooting/haters guide?


You’re god damn right there will be

Don T

Portugal (current Euro Champ.), France (Current world champ) and Tchermany (2014 World champ) are in the same group! Who made the draw, Don King?

The Right Reverend Electric Mayhem

FOOTY TIPPING REMINDER: early games in the EPL this week- get your picks in

King Hippo

I got 1 of 10 right last week. I couldn’t fuck up that badly ON PURPOSE.


I thought I had a bad week with 5 and it turns out I had a high score and moved up the standings accordingly


Fuck me, totally forgot about that. Dadbrain is real


Just a warning for those who made picks yesterday: My picks didn’t save. So make sure you login and pick again

King Hippo

Really looking forward to the European Euros.

THAT SAID, why the monkeyfuck don’t they just make it a 32-nation field, so the group stage isn’t so watered down??

The Right Reverend Electric Mayhem

Because San Marino only has a team as a formality, the country not being big enough to fit an entire soccer pitch?

King Hippo

principality or GTFO!