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This was a difficult one to write. Not because I wasn’t prepared, though I wasn’t. Not because I didn’t watch the games, which I did. It was because this was my favourite time of year that isn’t a weeklong vacation in the summer with no plans – US thanksgiving. A time of year when a Dick like me wakes around 8 AM on Thursday, probably a little tired and hungover from the night before, but not willing to let even a minute of the good times roll past. Starting off with a nice breakfast of eggs, orange juice, coffee, beer, and whisky, I then play a little game of, “how many beers should I bring down to the couch so I don’t have to get up as often but they also don’t get warm”. It’s two. But with a rye and coke to lead the charge.

I just really like this picture

Once the insufferable hound is walked and breakfast has been shoveled down forthwith, I can settle in and really enjoy those Thursday games. Unfortunately, the Lions always play the early game. And they are always the Lions. Because of this, and the need to make something boring into something fun, I consistently fall asleep sometime late in that game or very early in the middle game. I do know the Lions almost pulled it out but, again, Lions. I also recall some nice long passes to Golladay from Mr. Blough. And that, I surmise, is the only trick in his bag.

We suck this much

Dallas eating trash in their own home is a hazy recollection but one I have seen very often. It plays out in endless primetime games every year, no matter the other games that could be placed in that time slot.

This is the script for Dallas. Look great, then look just good, then fail a big test that would prove you belong in the big game discussion, then fail a test that would prove you at least belong in the playoffs, then Jerry whines about stuff he should’ve fixed years ago, then don’t fix anything, then fall down into a 9-7 finish and whatever comes out of that. Re-sign Garrett, Sign Dak for too much, have half your team arrested in the offseason, then draft a bunch more guys who’ve already been arrested in college so you know they’ll fit in. Be Dallas.

The real star of this show was the 49ers at Ravens game. A great matchup of physical, defence-minded teams who can run the ball and don’t back down from each other. I’ll take this over a 150 point snore-fest NBA all-star game between the Rams and Chiefs any day of the week. The Ravens managed to pull it out with a field goal, in the pouring rain no less, at the end for a 20-17 win. Let’s hope it isn’t the “Super Bowl Preview” that no one who appeared on air longer than 12 seconds could fail to mention. I want Bills-Cowboys, 2.0!

Monday was a real good show, too. After a great Gary Payton/Shawn Kemp intro where they basically tell the Vikings fans they’re gonna get whipped up on, we see old Boog and his buddy prepping us for another good Monday night game. I cannot remember the last time there were so many quality Monday matchups. Though the things I can’t remember could fill up… well, nothing I guess. Who would write it down?

Seahawks in their green jerseys, in prime time, against noted little wiener and big game shrinker Kirky Cousins. Not a good recipe for the violent Norsemen. Of course that was the only thing they could talk about all game. Boog seemed to have written, “perception/reality” on the inside of his eyelids. He said it at least twice before kick off.

Now, I’m no big fan of Cousins. His affected enthusiastic shouting in hallways (where he knows damn well there’s a camera) and his dumb, squinty face just makes me so mad. So you could say that’s why I buy into the whole big game loser thing. If it’s all just other factors and the team around him, etc. how come he still can’t get it done? He’s a fourth rounder who got lucky off Washington’s asinine player management and now Minnesota is stuck with a guy who can maybe win a division playoff game, tops.

Kirky’s next contract extension

Anyway, it was a tight one most of the way. The Hawks went into the second half down 7, as usual, and then opened up a pretty good lead only to jump a play and give up a long TD pass to Minnesota, who then got it within 4 before, predictably, Kirk couldn’t get it done late. Seahawks take top spot in the NFC West at 10-2 while the Vikings at 8-4 now have some work to do to catch up to Green Bay in the North.

My play of the game was not the faked punt that went for a first down for Seattle but instead Quandre Diggs collapsing Irv Smith’s chest like an empty bag of Ezell’s.

Great addition, that Diggs. Reminds me of Earl Thomas blowing up Gronk.

Speaking of Patriots being crushed, Houston had their way with them on Sunday night, only giving up a couple late TDs in garbage time. That year with the Thomas chest cave-in New England was again caught cheating and fined and suspended, as usual. This year, even with all the extra cap space afforded by paying Brady under the table in Neverland Ranch security tapes, they still can’t cover up an old man who’s just plain lost it. The betting on next week’s Chiefs at Pats game should be interesting.

To wrap it all up in a neat little package, the Friday curling game was another tight contest against an undefeated rival. Not only that, we had a sub from the beer spiel team playing as one of our team members was out with an injury (not curling related). We showed up with at least half our team loaded. The sub and I having both spent the day drinking alone at home, separately. After going up 2-1 in the third end we gave up 3 in the fourth. I’m sure those smug, sober swine thought they had these turkeys in the bag. Alas, our good curlers, who had not been soaking in alcohol since the morning, came through with a pair in the fifth and a great last rock in the sixth to give us a steal and the win. Brier, here we come!

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An aspiring nihilist who lives in British Columbia and enjoys watching the Seahawks, Blue Jays, and many of the incredibly frustrating teams based in B.C.
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I have been to his curling bouts. The bar there sells good beer and fried food. It is A-OK and there are 3 breweries around the corner.


That sounds like a lot of fun!

Game Time Decision

I picture some or all of us looking like Barney in that image at various points on any given weekend. Not judging. Been a long time since I was like that.

King Hippo



Don T

If curling can accommodate smoking, it has to be the best sport ever.

Brick Meathook
Brick Meathook

Bowling. The score desks had built-in ash trays and beer holders.


Ezell’s is some high-quality chicken. Ate it almost every day because it was just down the street from the hospital my brother was in after his stroke.

The Right Reverend Electric Mayhem

Curling is my favorite tv sport. It’s comforting, like a fleece-lined banana hammock

King Hippo

Also, the George Costanza “garbage eclair” story is based on a real-life Larry David experience. God bless that man.

King Hippo

Love the curling updates and all the booze-soaked ravings. DFO gives the Commentists all the BC Dick they can handle!