Copa América 2020 Group Stage Draw Recap

The draw took place yesterday even though we already knew which groups most teams would be in.

How does that happen, you say?

Well, CONMEBOL decided to invite Australia and Qatar to this year’s version of the Copa América. Yes, we just had one this year. We’re having another one.

This new competition will start off a new four year cycle where the Copa América and the European Championship will coincide.

CONMEBOL also decided that Argentina and Colombia would co-host and that the teams located in the North would play in Colombia while the teams in the South would play in Argentina.

So, the main things that got decided yesterday were where Australia and Qatar would go and when/where the specific games would be held.

Geographical alignment held up with the invitees, so the final Groups are as follows:

The full game schedule is below:

Friday 12 June 
Grupo A: Argentina v Chile, Buenos Aires

Saturday 13 June 
Grupo A: Australia v Uruguay, Córdoba
Grupo A: Paraguay v Bolivia, Mendoza
Grupo B: Colombia v Ecuador, Bogotá

Sunday 14 June 
Grupo B: Brasil v Venezuela, Cali
Grupo B: Perú v Qatar, Medellín

Monday 15 June 
No Games

Tuesday 16 June 
Grupo A: Argentina v Uruguay, Córdoba
Grupo A: Chile v Bolivia, Mendoza

Wednesday 17 June 
Grupo A: Paraguay v Australia, Buenos Aires
Grupo B: Colombia v Venezuela, Cali

Thursday 18 June 
Grupo B: Perú v Brasil, Medellín
Grupo B: Ecuador v Qatar, Bogotá

Friday 19 June 
No Games

Saturday 20 June 
Grupo A: Argentina v Paraguay, Buenos Aires

Sunday 21 June 
Grupo A: Uruguay v Chile, Mendoza
Grupo B: Colombia v Perú, Medellín

Monday 22 June 
Grupo A: Australia v Bolivia, La Plata
Grupo B: Venezuela v Ecuador, Bogotá

Tuesday 23 June 
Grupo B: Brasil v Qatar, Barranquilla

Wednesday 24 June 
No Games

Thursday 25 June 
Grupo A: Chile v Paraguay, Córdoba

Friday 26 June 
Grupo A: Australia v Argentina, Buenos Aires
Grupo A: Bolivia v Uruguay, La Plata

Saturday 27 June 
Grupo B: Brasil v Colombia, Barranquilla
Grupo B: Ecuador v Perú, Medellín

Sunday 28 June 
Grupo B: Qatar v Venezuela, Cali

Monday 29 June 
No Games

Tuesday 30 June 
Grupo A: Bolivia v Argentina, La Plata
Grupo A: Chile v Australia, Córdoba
Grupo A: Uruguay v Paraguay, Santiago del Estero

Wednesday 1 July 
Grupo B: Qatar v Colombia, Barranquilla
Grupo B: Ecuador v Brasil, Bogotá
Grupo B: Venezuela v Perú, Cali

If you noticed something familiar, yes you are correct that these dates are virtually the same as the ones I used in the Euro 2020 post. WE ARE GOING TO HAVE FULL-DAY SOCCER ACTION FROM BOTH SIDES OF THE WORLD NEXT SUMMER!!


Knockout Stage

The first, second, third, AND fourth place teams in each group qualify. That schedule is as follows:

Saturday 4 July 
1: B2 v A3
2: B1 v A4

Sunday 5 July 
3: A2 v B3
4: A1 v B4


So, Who Wins?

The two guests will be cannon-fodder as will Venezuela in Grupo B and Bolivia in Grupo A. That leaves the following eight countries to go into the knockout games (Balls’ prognosticated final group position in parentheses):

Brasil (B1)
Argentina (A1)
Colombia (B2)
Uruguay (A2)
Ecuador (B3)
Chile (A3)
Paraguay (A4)
Perú (B4)

So, who wins the whole thing?

The Land Of The Ass


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4-1… Don’t jump? Please?

King Hippo

I’m too much of a screw-up to be able to kill myself correctly, which is why I haven’t tried. Do sommet right, or NOT AT ALL.

/sort of like how Michael Keane plays centre-half


I wasn’t thinking suicide, lol… I was thinking about the “secret bunker” under KDEN and riging out the season underground where no scores (and annooying twat-hole-y pundits) can hurt you?
Edit: Well, that or faking your death, setting off to Tahiti and discovering an appreciation for cricket (I know Tahiti is French, but … still) XD

King Hippo

NC State plays Wisconsin in hoopsball tonight, I’m not even at rock bottom FOR THE DAY yet.



heh, and I spent like half the day disassembling a 15litre V6 engine, lol …. after first yanking outta a BMP’s hull… and all the while thinking that we’re losing to Brighton TODAY… XD So, yeah… fun times for all, lol 😉


So, uhhh … Hippo, you still alive? ’cause… y’know… Uhh…. Origi also scored

King Hippo

Cocksucker had 1st goal, too. I muted at 1-nil, turned off at 2. It ain’t going back on.

King Hippo

Fucking goddamn everything to monkeyfuck and back. SILVA OUT

King Hippo

Rashford 1, Mourinho nil

King Hippo

Is this where one comes to say FUCK LIVERPOOL? Because FUCK LIVERPOOL.

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Where wouldn’t be a good place to say that?

Don T

Last night I saw the Black Lady Sketch Show. Uf. Too funny. Fun fact: ladies like the redhead with the visor have been wrapping me around their finger since I was a teen.

The Right Reverend Electric Mayhem

Finally, #TeamBetterGuay will have their chance at revengeance!

Don T

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Felch? Isn’t that something we should be asking Balls to search on Thursdays?

The Right Reverend Electric Mayhem

You’re just jealous it’s catching on

Don T

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Don T

I like the new format, with five group games instead of three. May just have to start a Copa América piggybank and go to an Uruguay game.

Don T

And gotta say that the pic of la cafetera really sharpened my staring skills.

King Hippo

FOAR Bolivia!