I Presume We’re Looking Foar A Reason Moar Complicated Than “People Are Just A**holes”?

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Why Don’t People Return Their Shopping Carts?

And don’t give me that disability bullshit.  You made it to the store.  You’re buying your processed sugar foods and soda, you fat fuck.

You got the full cart to your car to get that shit into it.

But now, you’re suddenly disabled?  And can’t roll the empty cart a few yards?

Fuck you.

That is all

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yeah right

My local Ralphs kind of shares a parking lot, divided by a fence mind you, with a hotel. The grocery store parking lot is a screaming nightmare to navigate so I park by the hotel, walk through a couple of permanent pylons and go grocery shopping. There are ALWAYS shopping carts by the hotel and every time I take one, roll it across the lot and use it to shop. Afterwards I return the cart to the grocery store cart return area. Sometimes I’ll return 2 carts.
One of the Ralph’s cashiers was on her break, parked in front of the hotel, saw me do this last week, recognized me and she said “I saw you.” She’s very cool.

A few years back there was a radio snippet about integrity and one segment said “There are two types of people: those who return their shopping carts, and those who don’t.”

Preach brother.


Preach, Seamus! These people are miserable fucks who deserve a painful venereal disease.


Did someone put a scratch on Dave while you were in the Piggly Wiggly?

BC Dick

Same people who throw shit on the ground and say, “that’s the janitor’s job” or something like that. They have trash parents, who begat trash children, who will beget even more garbage people all on down the line.


You’re goddamned right. Those people are sociopathic savages. I love returning my cart while another car angrily waits for my parking space. It’s the little things in life.