Your “Batalla de los Tigres” Monday Evening Open Thread

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I promise you that the Tigers will win tonight’s NCAA Football National Champs game.

You can take that one to the bank.

(Hippo probably will, actually)

NCAA Football Championship – Clemson Tigers vs LSU Tigers – 8:00pmEST – TV: ESPN (LSU -5/ML -220, o/u 67.5)

The #1 ranked LSU Tigers, sporting the current Heisman Trophy winner, face off tonight against the defending national champion Clemson Tigers.  It’s Heisman vs Hair.

Seriously, even if he does look as if he’s a couple chromosomes short of 23 pairs, Trevor Lawrence has the best hair in the game.  Just look…

But have to give the dude credit.  Since he took over as the starter under center at Clemson, he has yet to lose a game.  Which is somewhat annoying to a fan of a team in the same conference division, right Hippo?  Yeah, me too.

LSU’s  QB Joe Burrow?  Well he’s just won the Heisman and is poised to try to become only one of a handful of winners to also win a National Championship in the same season.  That dude is good.

But let me tell you something if I may.

In spite of two very capable and future NFL QBs, this game is going to be decided elsewhere probably.

Both teams bring it on defense.

LSU will do everything they can to shut down Lawrence’s passing game.  And possibly aside from size and speed (their DBs are smaller than Clemson’s receivers) they have the personnel to do it effectively.  Maybe.  Which might open it up for Travis Etienne.  One of the best runners in the country you’ve probably never heard of.  If that happens, and Clemson can get an early lead, they could very easily control time of possession and ride this one into the barn.

And same thing going the other way.  Clemson is going to try to hold Joe Burrow under control.  And they probably can.  Maybe.

That could very well open it up for LSU’s rushing game in a big way out of Clyde Edwards-Helaire and Tyrion Davis-Price.  They’re no slouches, trust me.

Bottom line, I expect this to become a ball control/time of possession game.  Whichever team makes the fewest mistakes will take it.  It could even be decided on some freak special teams play.

LSU has survived a much tougher schedule this season.  Clemson has more experience surviving in the playoff.

I wouldn’t bet this game.  But if I had to, I’d bet the under, which has been dropping all day (all week actually) which means others agree.  And the Clemson ML +180 (if only for the jinx factor).

And don’t forget, Dabo Swinney has Jeebus on his side.

Frankly, I just want to hear Ed Orgeron talk some more.  He has the most soothing voice evar!!!!

Either way, it should be a good game.

So talk about it here.

Hey, at least Satan is home in Tuscaloosa.  AMIRITE????

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But, but, but…. I thought Jeebus promised His Disciple, Dabo! was preordained to win everything, because he LOVES Jeebus! #TURMP2200!!!11!1


No joke, but Oregeron is definitely the more Apostle-like of the two


Coach O doesn’t make his players take a “Christianity” oath, unlike Son of Clem’s ball coach.




He can also provide a really good gumbo recipe for Sunday Gravy..