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Derek Jeter falls one vote short of being unanimous Hall of Fame pick; why he deserved every vote

Here’s the shortstop WAR leaderboard (min. 75 percent of career games at short):

  1. Cal Ripken Jr.: 95.9 WAR
  2. Ozzie Smith: 76.9 WAR
  3. Bill Dahlen: 75.4 WAR
  4. Luke Appling: 74.5 WAR
  5. Arky Vaughan: 72.9 WAR
  6. Derek Jeter: 72.4 WAR

Ripken and Smith are the only players ahead of Jeter who started their careers after World War II. Drop the minimum to 50 percent of career games at shortstop, and Jeter is still ninth on the leaderboard. Slice and dice it anyway you want, and Jeter is still a top-10 shortstop all-time.

Read that last sentence again.  And file it under “Who’s screwing around with statistics this week?”

Jeter deserves to be in.  I’m not arguing that point.  But why make an issue just because one voter didn’t go his way?

Just shut the fuck up and move on.  THIS IS NOT AN ISSUE.


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Horatio Cornblower

The only issue I have with Jeter not getting 100% is the same issue I have with other deserving players not getting 100%. Like, who didn’t vote for Tom Seaver, and why? Same for Schmidt, Bob Gibson, Pedro Martinez, Giiffey, Jr., et al. Any sportswriter who doesn’t vote for guys of that caliber needs to lose their vote, because they’re just doing it to be a dick.

And don’t give that “voting for someone else for strategic reasons” because there hasn’t been a year with 10 deserving players on it for decades. You’re just being an asshole.


Mike Schmidt was not unanimous. Ted Williams was not unanimous. Hank MotherFucking Aaron was not unanimous. Jeter Hall of Famer, but he was nowhere near the best shortstop of all time.
Fuck, Babe Ruth didn’t even get it. He was at 95%.

Fuck those idiot Yankee fans. Weaselo, you aren’t included in that.


How do the voters decide who the single no is? Like, what if everyone thought they were the ‘one’ and then like, Randy Johnson got rejected?

Horatio Cornblower

Ruth I can see, because if the original voters were limited to 10, like they are now, (I have no idea if they were), there’s a lot of backlog to get through the first few years.


Also, Larry Walker in, cockbite Curt Schilling not?



If (set: everyone but Riviera) didn’t get 100%, then why the fuck should (set: Jeter)?

Nawt a math major

Senor Weaselo

As the resident living in NYC Yankee fan, I’d be happier with two votes short than one. One just makes that guy look like a douche.

Ichiro’s the next unanimous, right?

Horatio Cornblower


Bill Parcells.

BC Dick

Yeah. He was a bum fielder. So maybe one short of unanimous is fine. Rivera was arguably the best closer ever, Jeter not at SS.