Da Fuq Is Wrong With People?

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Fucking Newark, Man.

Four New Jersey JV basketball players investigated after video shows their coach being beaten up

That link will take you to a story.  Within that story, there is a link to a Twitter video.

The video is somewhat graphic in nature, but nothing we haven’t come to be desensitized to.  And that’s the problem.

If you choose to go to that Twitter, be sure to read some of the comments.

With each passing day I lose more and more faith in humanity.

These little shits should be locked up.  Not because of their race, but because they don’t know how to behave in society.

And obviously some of the commenters don’t either.

No matter what this coach may or may not have done to spark this, chasing him down and beating him to a pulp in the street is not the way to handle it.

I repeat…. These little shits should be locked up.

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