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Since it seems to be a big thing on everyone’s mind these days for obvious reasons I figured what the heck, let’s do this.  Maybe there might be a little levity.  Or maybe I’m just sick (lol, get it?).

So without further adieu let’s get started, shall we?

  1. When you were a kid and didn’t want to go to school did you ever try to fake an illness?
  2. Did you ever touch the thermometer to the light bulb to fake a fever?
  3. Did you ever leave it on there too long and it ended up at 116 Fahrenheit and your mom laughed at you and made you go to school?
  4. Have ever had an STD?
  5. Did anyone you were ever intimate with already know they had an STD but didn’t warn you ahead of time?
  6. Did you want to punch them in the neck when you found out?
  7. Did you know that you shouldn’t answer those last three questions because it’s no one else’s business?
  8. Has anyone who was obviously sick, even with just a cold, ever sneezed or coughed directly into your face?
  9. Did you want to punch them in the neck?
  10. If you’re the one who is sick would you prefer to be left alone or have someone take care of you?
  11. Do you think social distancing works?
  12.  Are you staying as far away from anyone else as is reasonably possible?
  13. Do you think shutting down the economy was a good thing to do?
  14. Do you think opening it back up is a good thing right now?
  15. Did you know that a Duke University doctor has already found evidence of the Covid-19 having mutated?
  16. Do you realize that probably means all the vaccines they’re now trying to develop will be useless.
  17. Do you think we’ll see the end of this anytime soon?
  18. Have you seen the Dow Jones lately?
  19. Regarding finances/investments again are you familiar with buy low sell high?
  20. Do I have to point the details of that one out specifically?
  21.  Have you been out lately and had someone who wasn’t following the six foot rule and you swerved off to the side and yelled “That’s not six feet asshole”?
  22. Did you know that if you’re not sick that face masks do very little to protect you?
  23. If you’re sick even with just a common cold do you wear a face mask when going out in public?
  24. Are you aware that most viruses can infect you through your eyes?
  25. Should we all just start wearing welder’s masks and carrying a blow torch to back people up when necessary?
  26. (Bonus Question) Do you think Mental Illness is just all in the head?

Feel free to answer and/or add your own questions.  There are many other questions, especially right now.  So have at it.

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In 3rd grade I faked illness many times. I had the most vicious nun in the world, Sister Mary Andrew, may she burn in hell forever. She literally would pick kids up and throw them in the garbage can across the room. I still can’t tell time because she terrorized me so badly with a worksheet. It was fucking terrible, until finally, one beautiful day near the end of the school year, Andy Graver had enough of her bullshit and punched her HARD in the stomach. It was like a cartoon, you could hear the whoosh! as the wind was knocked out of her. He got expelled and had to go to school with the unwashed heathens at the public school, but he was a fucking hero to all of us!



Senor Weaselo

1. Madre Weaselo works in the hospital lab and I’m too honest to try that shit. And egghead lil’ Senor liked his booky-books.
11. Yes, and I think it has, and the worst part is the more idiots there are the more it ruins it for the rest of us. I’d imagine we’d be into the back half otherwise.
13. Call it a necessary evil, because if the economy hadn’t been shut down the world would be at an overload. Madre Weaselo’s hospital I think was at 70% of just covid patients. If the world kept spinning it would have definitely been beyond 100% and she mentioned they were planning on using one or more of the parking lots as a field hospital. In March/April. In New York.
14. I think the idea of “Oh, things are going down time to open back up” is wrong by at least two weeks, since that’s how long incubation has lasted. Either way with testing at bullshit levels (because more testing is bad!) I think the spike might just put us back, but maybe if we’re lucky we’ll have a better—ha, I can’t even finish that one.
18. Yeah, naturally I start funding my Roth a month and a half before everything goes to shit. Wait, I put it in the international funds, so three weeks. Sorry everyone, it’s my fault, my bad.
23. I’ve talked to Senorita Weaselo about this, as she is ABC and she pointed out how that’s a thing in Asia, but also by Asian-Americans here. I know, we all succumbed to needing a mask from the smog in China three years ago if you all remember.


1. Didn’t have to. Had the kind of dad who would just let you stay home if you felt like it. This led to quite a few incidents where I almost didn’t pass grades due to attendance.
4. I believe he’s out walking the dogs right now.
8. Go To 4
9. Not for that
10. I barely trust doctors enough to take care of me. Just lock me in my room until the virus or myself dies.
11. When practiced properly, yes. However, we have a significant portion of the population that is coming unglued at the lack of social interaction, and will likely spark wave after wave going forward. This isn’t as partisan as people like to think.
12. For the most part. I go to the grocery store more often that I probably should, but that’s because I’m an idiot that doesn’t know how to plan ahead as far as groceries go. I do it during later quiet hours and have become intimately familiar with masking and sanitizing. I’ve abandoned walking the dogs at parks because people flocked to them the second the sun was visible again. I not only don’t go into work, but actively create solutions to keep others from going, so I feel like that’s a nice balance.
13. Again, if it was done properly and pushed down from the federal level. A monthly stipend that wasn’t means-tested would have gone a long way to making this work. Not providing for people who were already barely making rent when this all started was only going to escalate anxiety. I’d expect more random violence and theft the longer this continues. There’s an argument that minimum wage workers who were laid off are actually better off now, but you have to consider how far down into the earth’s crust that bar was buried to begin with. The people that are really fucked are the ones making between 30k-40k a year. The working poor just outside the reach of any social assistance. MAGA chuds gonna MAGA chud, but make no mistake that people are hurting in ways not seen since the great depression and the inability to earn while the government finds new and exciting ways to be ineffective is a huge piece of that. Consider how bad it was for the lower class 3 months ago. It’s a hundred times worse now. Those who can work, are getting the “Lucky to be able to work at all” spiel and anyone who speaks up about safety or compensation is painted as ungrateful or unpatriotic. Meanwhile, they found money to pay for seemingly endless flyovers across the country despite cries that they just can’t afford to take care of the people in it.
14. Fucking nope.
15. I mean, it’s going to mutate to some degree. We’re just rolling the dice this shit doesn’t get worse the longer we let the slow burn go.
16. Any ideas of a mass produced vaccine within the next 5 years are a pipe dream. They kill it like the first SARS or they don’t kill it at all, and I really, really doubt the ability of even the most capable leaders to pull something like that off at this point.
17. Oh, yeah. After 6 months of the economy being sad, they’ll say fuck it and take the death toll as an acceptable loss to save The Money. It’s going to be so bad. Toss that 3% death toll out the window. The worst hit counties in Michigan are over 10%, which is a higher death rate than the first SARS had.
18. Stonks, until the very moment Not Stonks and then Never Stonks Again. The crash will be a sight to behold.
19. I’ve learned a lot about the the theory of it all, and retained maybe .01% of that, but given that the entire thing is controlled by the exchange market equivalent of The Matrix, it means so little to the average person.
20. Look, you couldn’t make me care about that shit in college, and I’m not about to start now.
21. No, but I did stare down a kid wearing a confederate flag mask to the point he did a 180 and walked to the other side of the store with his head down. The stupidity is breathtaking and multi-layered.
22. Not about protecting you. About protecting others. Your odds of getting infected with a mask on near a person with COVID-19 is about 70%. Your odds of getting infected if they have a mask on too is under 2%.
23. No, but Americans should long ago have adapted that behavior. That there was resistance to it even with the pandemic from the federal government down to your neighbors is a sign of how shitty we get when there’s even the least bit of inconvenience.
24. Yes, I have watched 28 Days Later.
25. Fuck, I don’t know why we’re not threatening our neighbors with flame throwers right now.

(Bonus Question) That is where the brain is, yes. Mental illness is entirely dependent on brain chemistry. There is a baseline you get through genetics, and it’s modified by experiences. Fun fact, my kid has both ASD and ADHD. A neat thing that happens when you have a kid with ADHD is that you naturally self-diagnose as you compare everything they do to what you do. A lot of adults that get diagnosed with it did so after their kids were. My brother-in-law is textbook ADHD, so we always figured there was some genetic history there for our kid. Once I got into therapy, I started to feel like I had it to along with a myriad of other issues, so I had the complete psych work-up. Turns out, I don’t have it, but I do have symptomatic ADHD that goes with my general anxiety disorder, so as my anxiety increases, my brain chemistry matches someone with ADHD. You get super aware of it happening once you realize what it is. So between my brother-in-law’s ADHD and my almost ADHD, there’s a solid history of it to draw from. Another neat thing is that as my kid has gotten older, his negative behaviors as they relate to the ASD have started to remind me of the things I witnessed from my father who I’ve spoken about before here as being a massive piece of shit. So that’s created this wide open question of whether there’s a history of autism on my side of the family (some of my brother’s behaviors could possibly fall under this, too), and whether or not my father should be given a pass on some of the things he did (Me: Fucking nope. Sister: Yes, all of it, but she’s a psych major so whatever.). There’s also this weird thing in my family where we’re all fucked up, but naturally very intelligent. My IQ test put me in the 92nd percentile, my brother took the SAT in middle school and pulled like a 1450 or something on it, and my kid’s IQ is likely to be extremely high when it’s properly tested based on his testing from a few years ago. I honestly believe my father blew all of us out of the water. He dropped out of school in the 8th grade and spent time when I was younger doing computer programming as a hobby. He also spent the vast majority of my life unemployed and drunk out of his mind between instances of severe child and spousal abuse, my brother was in and out of therapy through middle school and high school due to threatening violence towards other students, and I’ve literally watched my kid throw a book case across a classroom as I entered it. Oh yeah. I’ve got some thoughts on mental illness.


Look, I don’t know what you kids do when you get bored, but I like to type a lot. If I had the ability to be coherent, I’d do it for a living.


We’re just rolling the dice this shit doesn’t get worse the longer we let the slow burn go.

But we’re also rolling the dice that it gets *better* – most viruses do.


23. If you’re sick even with just a common cold do you wear a face mask when going out in public?

I didn’t in the past but I’m going to start now. Assuming, that is, that I ever go out in public again.

Moose -The End Is Well Nigh

For several of these there is plenty of reliable data and facts available from reputable sources as to what areas and countries did to minimize the spread and rate of spread and when it wasn’t implemented, the vehicle (means) of infection, and actions to reduce the probability of getting infected or not infecting others. In the US there is not nearly enough testing to get a better accuracy on the model with better data, so it will take time and analysis to figure out true impacts. This is in an era when we have aggressive ignorance, science denial (putting quote marks around experts for instance), the “victims” of the Dunning-Kruger effect, and and abundance conspiracy theory bullshit believers. As for the economy there are many who are not hurt by this and the opportunistic who will benefit further line already lined pockets from the changes brought about by this pandemic and they do not give a shit about the bottom 75%.

For the one I was sitting on a plain for take off and the person behind me sneezed and the cloud of moisture was obvious. Good times.

Moose -The End Is Well Nigh

I am surprised at not getting an STD along the way as the 80s and 90s were bar hookup times, but I’m sure the various women were of a reputable and highborn nature, especially towards closing time.


IDGAF, but I wear my cloth masks everywhere except in my cubicle and my N95 to the store or meeting delivery people, which I don’t plan to do again until July if I’m lucky. BTW, being employed (but still earning less than any people receiving Oregon UI thanks to the federal adjustment, which I’m okay with. I’m not okay with what I am being paid) makes my tip like a drunk DFOer and I gave the guy $15 for pizza, breadsticks, and salad. And that was a great pizza.

Anyway, reopening is stupid and will kill more people when the second wave comes. We should have locked down further and this is not something that can be blamed on Trump alone; like how New York was fucked over by those two idiots who think they are in charge. Anyway, I’m fat as all hell and have or am on the bubble to be vulnerable in a number of ways so I am fucked no matter what. I haven’t even been willing to put in the work to lose weight, but I’m not going to grab death in a bear hug. Everyone in my neighborhood is going without masks and it has a low infection rate, but again, so why? I have lived in fear all my life. Why change now?

I also do think mental illness is communicable, at least as something that can be acquired through one’s community or environment. Like other diseases, some people are more susceptible than others, but I see the rates of symptoms and instances of chronic mental illness and how they increase in law school and early years of legal practice, and how those growth rates are similar but lower in medical school and even among pastors and basically all professions (fun fact: the only correlation shared by every gender and ethnic/racial group is that mental illness rates increase as education increases, so people with terminal degrees really do take that ‘terminal’ part seriously.) and I am pretty well convinced. Likewise, there comes a point where symptoms of adverse experiences, toxic stress, and situational/environmental conditions mimicking symptoms of depression and other illnesses where we need to talk about this the same way we talk about anything else that can be acquired, like toxic or radiation poisoning and other diseases. To put it another way, would people with PTSD have gotten it without the activating event, or would It have just been activated by other event, or would symptoms of that or some other chronic illness arise without the activating event? There isn’t actually a lot of research into this because afaik there’s no money in it for whatever reason.

Anyway. Back to work.


We wear our cloth masks every time we leave the house – whether it’s grocery shopping, walking the dog, or going to the mailbox. I remain convinced that if the entirety of our society had done this immediately the impact of this virus here in the United States would have been little worse than it was in South Korea.


Probably, but I also know that Americans are so stupid that it was never going to happen.


1-3: My mother was a nurse. Not only was it impossible for my sister or I to get out of school by faking illness, being actually ill wasn’t usually enough. I’m not sure I ever got to stay home sick except for when I had the measles and then later the chicken pox.

In third grade, another kid stabbed me in the cheek with a pencil. I came home bleeding rather profusely. My mom saw no reason to take me to a doctor. Even months later, when the wound wasn’t healing fully. “Oh, just soak a cotton ball in hydrogen peroxide every night and hold it up against your check. That’ll take care of any infection. Yes it stings. That means it’s working.”

About a year after the stabbing, I pulled a 1/4″ piece of pencil lead (which is technically graphite, so any deficiencies cannot be blamed on lead poisoning) out of my cheek. Hmm. Seems like it might have been helpful if I’d gone to urgent care and had the wound cleaned out at the time. Ah well, at least it’ll heal properly now.

Nope. Additional months of peroxide-soaked cotton balls. Then a piece of pencil wood came out. That, finally, did the trick, though I still have a mark there to this day except when my manly stubble covers it up.

I’m sure my mom was good at her job, which was in a chronic care facility, but let’s just say I wasn’t surprised when I heard that some nurses and surgeons were spouting absolute bullshit about COVID this year — even people “in the field” are often clueless outside of their immediate specialty.

Moose -The End Is Well Nigh

At least you mom didn’t use the huge rectal thermometer.


Actually, I got that part wrong. It was the 6th grade.

His father was my 3rd grade teacher.

That’s a long-ish story for another time perhaps.



Let’s DOUBLE SHOT this up.


Moose -The End Is Well Nigh

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