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Hi all, as we are now more than half way through the MLL season after 4 days of play, it’s time for an update. At this point it looks to be a show down between Chesapeake and Denver.  The game tonight between them will be a good one.  At the other end, The Hammerheads and Lizards are all but out of the playoffs already.   I was hoping to show leaders in points, goals, assists, loose balls and saves, but I can’t find anything .   I can’t even find game sheets on any of the contests.  Wasn’t expecting that.

The championship game has been moved to ESPN.

Team Record % win
Chesapeake Bayhawks 3-0 1.000
Denver Outlaws 3-0 1.000
Philadelphia Barrage 1-2 0.333
Boston Cannons 1-1 0.500
Connecticut Hammerheads 0-2 0.000
New York Lizards 0-3 0.000


Full Schedule

Saturday, July 18
Philadelphia Barrage 11 at Chesapeake Bayhawks 16 – 1 PM ESPN+
New York Lizards 14 at Boston Cannons  16– 4 PM ESPN+
Connecticut Hammerheads 6 at Denver Outlaws 18 – 7PM ESPN+

Sunday, July 19
Chesapeake Bayhawks 18 at New York Lizards 13 – 1 PM ESPN2
Denver Outlaws 15 at Philadelphia Barrage 10 – 4 PM ESPN2

Monday, July 20
Boston Cannons 13 at Chesapeake Bayhawks 15 – 4 PM ESPN+
Philadelphia Barrage 14 at Connecticut Hammerheads 10– 7 PM ESPN+

Tuesday, July 21
Philadelphia Barrage 10 at Boston Cannons 12 – 4 PM ESPN+
Denver Outlaws 12 at New York Lizards 11– 7 PM ESPN+

Wednesday, July 22
Connecticut Hammerheads at New York Lizards – 4 PM ESPN+
Chesapeake Bayhawks at Denver Outlaws – 7 PM ESPN+

Thursday, July 23
Boston Cannons at Connecticut Hammerheads – 4 PM ESPN+
New York Lizards at Philadelphia Barrage – 7 PM ESPN+

Friday, July 24
Connecticut Hammerheads at Chesapeake Bayhawks – 4 PM ESPN+
Denver Outlaws at Boston Cannons – 7 PM ESPN+

Saturday, July 25
Semifinals: Seed 4 at Seed 1 – 1 PM ESPN+
Semifinals: Seed 3 at Seed 2 – 4 PM ESPN+

Sunday, July 26
Championship – 2 PM ESPN

I’ll have an end of season review next week.

And let me know if there’s any interest in a bracket pool or a draft players pool for the PLL.  I’ll set either or both or none up depending on interest.

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Bracket entry done!


Not to get into a Saskatchewan vs Ottawa debate, but why isn’t it the Chesapeake Bay Hawks instead of the Chesapeake Bayhawks?


Yeah, like the Sea Hawks and Black Hawks.

More important: “Bayhawks” is a dumb name, one word or two.

Moose -The End Is Well Nigh

Way to be brave and take a STAND!

Moose -The End Is Well Nigh

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I’m always up for gambling on something I have no idea about!

– K.H.


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