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We all have fandoms. How did we get here? Here are my stories. Please share yours below.

Chicago Cubs:

I grew up in the Quad Cities (on the Mississippi river between Chicago and Des Moines. Rock Island and Moline Illinois, Davenport and Bettendorf Iowa) in the 60’s and 70’s, which was basically equidistant from Chicago and St. Louis. Both teams had local TV and radio coverage. Pick a side. My dad was a diehard Cardinals fan. I still have his signed Cardinals baseball, with Stan Musial’s signature. For his birthday, I bought him a photo of old Busch stadium with a vial of dirt from the stadium that I also still have. I have video of family trips to the old Busch stadium when I was maybe 5.

Because children are assholes, I became a Cubs fan. I was assisted by my grandmother (my dad’s mom) who was a huge Cubs fan. This makes me think he became a Cardinals fan for the same reason I became a Cubs fan. Again, children are assholes.

However, he decided not to leave me in a cardboard box under a bridge. He had friends that were Cubs fans. Also, the drive to Wrigley was much easier than the drive to Busch. My first memory of major league baseball is very specific.

My dad had a friend who was a huge Cubs fan. I would grab my hat and my glove. We would get in the car on a Saturday morning around 7am. The drive to Chicago was 3 hours. We would pick up my dad’s friend and get on the interstate. We would drive to O’Hare and find a parking space near the L station. When we got on, the train was fairly empty. As we moved closer to the city, more and more Cubs fans would get on the train. It was almost like watching a tsunami. Once we reached the Loop, we changed to the Red line that went to Wrigley. More and more Cubs fans climb on.

The walk from the Addison St station to the stadium was mind-blowing. First the City warned you to watch for pickpockets. Then you got on the street and there were souvenir vendors every 5 feet. Being my dad, we never bought anything. I don’t remember drunken idiots, but I assume they were there also. It is one block to Wrigley Field. Imagine being 8 years old. Walking up through a tunnel to your seat. Hat on your head and glove on your hand. You reach the end of the tunnel and see Wrigley Field live for the first time. Red dirt. Green grass. Ivy on a brick wall. This is why I got a tattoo when we won the World Series. This is why my wife has been instructed to sneak my ashes into the bleachers and pour them into the ivy when I die.

Chicago Bears:

Much less romantic. I have a complete lack of athletic ability. This is my story: When I was 8, I wanted to be as good a shortstop as Don Kessinger. By the time I was 10, I was. When I was 12, I wanted to be as good a quarterback as Bob Avellini. By the time I was 14, I was. This stunted my growth as an elite athlete. I spent 1 very disappointing year playing tight end and cornerback in Pop Warner (insert joke here). Clearly, when I was a kid, all Chicago teams were gigantic buckets of shit. However, the Bears were the only choice to follow due to NFL regional rules (and the Cardinals sucked even more ass).

When I was working at my first job out of college, they had a talent show for some reason. My two major memories are a coworker who could play blues on a double-necked guitar and a magician who was so nervous he vomited on stage. This was also after the 85 Bears won the Superb Owl. So, a group of us rewrote the lyrics of the Shuffling Crew to reflect on the horrors of being a junior engineer at a defense contractor. We were the “Bendix Shuffling Crew”. It was horrific. I loaned one of my jerseys to a female engineer hoping to . . . . It didn’t work.

While living in Southern California, I went to a number of Rams games. This was when they were in Anaheim and actually good. However, I am of the opinion that you can never really move on from your first fan team, however tempting it may be.

Phoenix Suns:

This is possibly the saddest story. My family moved to Phoenix in 1975. This was the peak of the Phoenix Suns franchise to this day. Alvan Adams, Paul Westphal, Dick VanArsdale, Gar Heard. My sister and I actually attended the Adams/Westphal basketball camp one summer. I went to my only professional playoff game the year they went to the finals against the Celtics. While in Phoenix, I played my only high school sport, basketball at Brophy Prep. I sucked ass.

We eventually moved to Southern California. This was full Showtime era. This is also when they stopped calling traveling. I stopped watching the NBA and have never watched a game on purpose since.

LA Kings:

As I mentioned, Chicago teams when I was a kid were shit. I never even registered hockey in my brain. After college in 1985, I started watching hockey since I moved to the San Fernando Valley for my new job and my college girlfriend had broken up with me when I moved and I had nothing else to do. Well, hands-free anyway. Hockey I could watch while doing homework. The other, not so much. I became an LA Kings fan (this will be important later).

Forward to May 6th, 1988 Devils-Bruins. Devils coach confronts referee and yells at him “You’re crazy,” yells the coach. “You fell, you fat pig. Have another donut! Have another donut!” So much fun, so much hockey! Forward to August 9th, 1988. Wayne Gretzky is traded to the LA Kings to a soon-to-be convicted felon owner. There is a certain division between pre- and post-Gretzky Kings fans. I cling desperately to the pre-Gretzky faction. We bought 1/8 of a season ticket package the year they first went to the Stanley Cup finals, but we moved to Wisconsin before we could attend any playoff games.

When we moved back to California, the Ducks had arrived. We lived about 8 miles from the Pond, so we went to lots of games. Again, your first fan team will always be first, no matter what. I will claim Ducks successes, but Kings successes mean more to me. Which also means I am struggling with the current playoff schedule. Just sucking it up and cheering for the Hawks.


I don’t exactly remember when I started watching Premier League on NBCSN. What I do remember is an episode which would help you to choose a PL team based on your US team preferences. Based on my primary Cubs fandom, the show recommended that Arsenal would be my best fit. So, here I am. If I had known who the owner was, I would have chosen differently. Stan Kroenke is a pile of excrement topped with a bad toupee.  However, I have significant sunk cost in jerseys to consider. Plus, I love the word “Goooners”.

GWS Giants:

(There is a complete lack of hot GWS fans on the intertubes)

GD, so many post-college stories. Back in the mid 80’s, ESPN would show AFL games around bar-time in California. So, when I got home from failing to convince a young lady to return with me to my humble abode, (which, honestly, was every weekend) I had nothing to do but watch ESPN. This was my introduction to the AFL.

Many, many years later, I worked for a multinational corporation with a significant presence in Sydney. I actually traveled to Sydney for work for a full week. Actual Australians are much less friendly than the Crocodile Dundee movies would lead you to believe. I decided that, if it was ever possible to see an AFL game in person, it would have to be in Sydney. Because I am a contrarian asshole, I decided to pick the Greater Western Sydney Giants over the Sydney Swans. I bought an international membership and I watch as many games as I can. Then I quit that job and will probably never travel to Sydney again.

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Joliet Jake Delhomme
My wife has been told to bring my ashes to the bleachers of Wrigley Field and pour me into the ivy. The "Dying Cub Fan's Last Request". Cubs, Bears, LA Kings, Arsenal and GWS Giants fan. Active boycotter of all college sports, having sat in a classroom with a "Student-Athlete". I also watch NASCAR and golf on the weekends, because I like naps.
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Buddy Cole's Halftime Show!

I inherited the Mets and Rangers fanhood from my dad, there’s no real story to that.

Where we diverge is football. My dad is a Giants fan but my uncle has Jets season tickets and I went to a bunch of games when I was younger. 1998 they went 5-0 in games I attended and suckered me in with probably the best team they will ever have. What we share is that we’re not live football people: I have gone to exactly two Jets regular season games since 2000 and my dad has gone to one Giants game since 1999.

Giants Stadium scared the shit out of me as a kid and I remember asking my father what a ‘fag’ was at 8 years old because the guy behind us had defaced a box of Flutie Flakes with that phrase. It was an asylum in the late 90s, especially my uncle’s section. I also remember some dude with the last name Muehlgay passing out makeshift nameplates to people with old jerseys with shitty/long gone players but were too cheap to buy a new jersey. There were a lot of Neil O’Donnell and Adrian Murrell jerseys with the ‘Muehlgay’ treatment.

Did I mention I hate going to live games?

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yeah right

Your Cubs origin story is basically my exact Cubs story. By the way, with you, Old School Zero and myself we now have 3 former Quad City-ites.

yeah right

The great Happy Joes vs Harris Pizza debate lives. I’m pro Harris but my all time favorite was Davenport Pizza Works later called Dudley’s. Let’s go ahead and throw out a Hungry Hobos shout. I lived off of the same exit off the 74 as Jumers so that too. If you want to dig through the Sunday Gravy archives there’s even an Iowa pork tenderloin sandwich recipe.

yeah right

My particulars include residence on Jersey Ridge in Davenport, 13th in Rock Island and 18th in Moline.

I was diversified.


Reds: I’m from Cincinnati so I had no choice. It not really a team you root for, just a right of passage into the summer. You can turn on the radio and listen to Marty Brennaman and Joe Nuxhall on radio as you work on the house, yard or just to have them on the background. Current guys are okay, but anything compared to the best will always fail by comparison.

Bengals: Dad was a passive Bengals fan from growing up in Steelers country in NE Ohio and got tired of hearing about the Steelers. Earliest sports memory as a little boy is watching the first half of Super Bowl XXIII. Second earliest sports memory is waking up the next morning, seeing my dad’s face and going “They lost didn’t they?”

Buckeyes: Grew up wanting to go to Ohio State and was fortunate to go there. The ’02 Championship was the first time my team actually won it all and I got to experience it (may age myself a bit but I don’t really remember the 1990 Reds Wire-to-Wire Season). I got to watch both Championship games with my dad, which are memories I will treasure always.

Bearcats: Dad graduated from University of Cincinnati, and that small run they had in the late-00s was very special for him. UC football isn’t supposed to be that good, and then all of a sudden his school teams is being spoken in the same sentence as the elite teams in the nation while they played National TV games they normally lost…but they kept winning. Those were some good nights. Until the Bowl game or when the weasels left for better jobs but that’s a story for another time.

MLB (non-Reds): I’ll root for the team that hasn’t won the World Series in a while, except if its the Cubs, Cardinals or Yankees.

NFL (non-Bengals): I’ll root for the Cowboys because my dad was a Cowboys fan growing up. After that, I’ll root for the team that hasn’t won the Super Bowl in a while, except if its the Ravens, Steelers, Patriots, or 49ers.

Other sports I don’t follow enough to have a stake, though I was rooting for the Cavaliers to win the title because Cleveland earned a chance to celebrate for once.


Being from Chicago, I love most of that town’s stupid terrible teams. I have moved around a lot since college, though, so I have a lot of backup teams to make it interesting, which is lame unless you are a Chicago fan and your teams never make the fucking playoffs. Anyway, here we go:

1. Chicago Bears. Raised there in the ’80s (Kenwood. South Side, bitches!) when they were good. Broncos are a distant, distant second because I’ve lived in the Denver burbs for almost 9 years now and take clients and family to games with free work tickets, everyone here loves them, my kids like them because they won a Super Bowl, and people are happier here when they are good.

2. Detroit TIgers. My Dad was a Detroit navite, and we grew up going to Comiskey to watch them play the White Sox. I became a Tigers fan, my brother is a White Sox fan. We also would occaisionally make the trek to old Tiger Stadium. The ’84 Tigers team was the best baseball team in my lifetime, and I was so hoping they would’ve destroyed that Cubs team so I could’ve talked shit to Cubs and Sox fans in my neighborhood for a year. However, distant second/third are the Cubs (lots of fun at Wrigley in high school/twenties and fuck the White Sox), and Rockies for the same reasons as mentioned above for the Broncos. Also, fuck the Cardinals now and forever for ’06, their terrible fans, racist-ass Fred Bird, and Molina’s neck tattoo.

3. Chicago Blackhawks. Dollar Bill Wirtz was the worst growing up because you couldn’t get the games on TV. It was, however, super easy to get tickets for very cheap, so I watched a lot of bad hockey live in the mid-nineties at Chicago Stadium and then the United Center. Also, my Dad wasn’t a hockey guy, so I dodged the Red Wings bullet. The Avs are popular here and I go to games, but I am very indifferent to them because the Hawks have had a good run, although they are in a weird hybrid slide/rebuilding mode now.

4. Chicago Bulls. They have sucked so bad since 1998 that I don’t follow the NBA that closely anymore, but when I do, I root against the Celtics. My brother-in-law is a huge Lakers fan, and I went to games when I lived out there in the aughts, so they are a distant second.

5. College football? Who gives a shit. My two degrees are from basketball schools, so I don’t really have a team. Again, rooting against redneck garbage schools that always win is the way to go.

6. Indiana Hoosiers (MBB). My undergrad alma mater, so yeah. They are the Nebraska Cornhuskers of the sport, though, and I doubt they will ever be where they were when Bobby Knight was abusing his players. UCLA is a distant second because of law school.

I think that is it? All other sports are dumb. I tried to do a premiere league thing and follow Liverpool, and it was boring and way too early. I guess they had a curse thing going on, but I felt like a fair-weather pink hat Red Sox fan or something. Anyway, I am not ready to open wide for some soccer. Anyway, this is Wonderwall.


2 Degrees? Oh, HEY ERRYBODY, come look at the big brain on Cuntler!


Yet so many typos.


Just wrapped up Day 1 of Contract Officer Representative training. Jebus weeps.

NFL- grew up in Middle Of Nowhere, Illinois, so Da Bears it was, until I was stationed near Jaxmethville and decided “Fuck it, why not?” and became a Jaguras fan. No ragrets.

NCAA FB & BB- Honestly? I follow the Fighting Illini of the University of Illinois because I spent 3 years there before joining the Marines. Yeah, they usually suck, but I do get the schadenfreude of watching Michigan and Ohio State shitting on their dicks at some point each season.

NBA- haven’t followed it since the Jordan era Bulls.

NHL- Blackhawks. Watched a lot more minor league hockey since it was close and cheap but I still try to follow the Blackhawks.

MLB- grew up around Cubs and Cardinals fans among family and friends, so I chose the White Sox. Wanna fight about it?

JMR- O’rangers!


We had Jaguars season tickets for their first 5 seasons. It was fun rooting for a brand new team. We moved to Atlanta and had Falcons tix for a few years. We used to tailgate in an underground parking garage, that was weird!


Football – Easy – Fifa 98 (the road to the world cup), Arsenal had the coolest club crest and the kit looked nice… Misery, depression and scant moments of pure unadulterated happiness followed, Haven’t regretted that choice for a second to the tune of indoctrinating my 4 munchkins to pledge allegiance to my team (to the utter disgust of wifey and her ManUre Fandom)…. Fever pitch being a favourite film of mine (thank God it NEVER GOT REMADE FOR THE US CROWDS, OKAAAAAAY?!?!?) definitely helped.
Lesser footy fandoms include UCD (college) and M’gladbach (free jersey from a bank).

‘MURRICAN Football -> I shit you not lads, I picked the Pats back in the second Superb Owl against the Giants at a watch party in college, ’cause I liked their kit and because I thought that they were the Arsenal of the NFL (ex-winner coasting on past glories, always in the hunt, never to win tho) … how fucking wrong was I on that front I discovered to my delight later (and also how close I was to eternal damnation, ’cause a “friend” suggested The Browns as an alternative XD)

Baseball -> some interest in the sport itself and nominally supporting the Red Sox, ’cause an irrate Masshole is my spirit animal and also, because of having a model kit of Ted Williams’ Corsair

Hockey -> Easy – wifey had me pick a hockey team to spark some interest in the sport in me (the Swedish appear to be hardwired to “convert people to the glory of hockey”, so I did the right thing, remembered that her Leafs get pantsed quite often by the Bruins at the worst possible times, so … Go BRUINS 😀

Basketball -> Uhhh, does the Space Jam team count? Aside from that – I honestly don’t care (tho I support whomever beats LeBron on principle)


Uh, can someone break my comment to gumbygirl’s fandom (basically a list of clips from utree I picked, because during the beer bug I think I rewatched basically his entire output and remembered that he did the entire Yinzer sports caleidoscope 😀 ) from comment jail?


Sports fandom- you guys know I’m a Yinzer, right?
MLB- saw my first Pirates games at Forbes Field. I am old as fuck.
NFL- Steelers, baby!
NHL- Pens. I had a mad crush on Pierre Larouche when I was a kid!
College stuff- grew up a Pitt fan, Gumby was a PSU guy. Mixed marriage, how have we made it 38 years? I was a non-traditional student, went to UGA through junior year, transferred to UAB and finished up my degree there- go Blazers!
NBA- haven’t paid much attention in years, but back in the 80’s we went to a lot of Sonics games. I loved the Lakers back then. Kareem was the GOAT!
SPL- Glasgow Rangers, although I don’t pay any attention except the stuff I read here.
Marbles- Mellow Yellow, last place!


So basically



and …the enemy (dunno why, someone tried to explain to me why the bloody hell the Irish should pick them over Celtic, but I didn’t pay attention) 😀

Last edited 2 months ago by bk109

I wanted to be a Celtic fan, but when we would go into the pubs where their “supporters” hung out, they were rude as fuck and totally hateful to anyone they hadn’t known since they were in the womb. The Ranger fans were welcoming, and fun to hang with. The Pittsburgh sports fandom is a birth defect, and you shouldn’t make fun of me for it.


Make fun of the Yinzers? Gawd no, I literally just used the excuse to further spread the Gospel of the Tree and was bored enough waiting for MS Flight Simulator 2020 to preload that I tried to find “something” from him for every listed team 😀


I have never been a fan of any specific team in any specific sport till lately. Growing up in the NC mountains during the 70’s, the area was not considered any teams market as far as I know. Hell, the Atlanta teams didn’t seem to consider us their market.


So, I guess it comes down to being a fan of whomever is playing the teams I hate such as Dallas, due to their owner and the kids in school who were fans were the bullies and the rich kids. For the Tenn. Vols. I will always pull against them except for when they play Alabama, even I can’t stomach pulling for Alabama. I hate the Vols as they were my Dad’s team. He was supposed to film my reception at my first wedding, but ended up leaving and going to a bar to watch the game. My mother’s response “Why didn’t you take me?”, so fuck the Vols.

NHL: Hurricanes as they were the first time I saw live hockey and my best friend was a huge hockey fan and between NHL95 and Blades of Steel, I sort of understood the rules. Not a real fan, as I have no idea who is on the team now.

NBA: Nope, no way. Have no interest in watching.

College Basketball: NCSU as I went there and I just pull for them if a game is on.

MLB: Had no interest till I met my present wife and now am a sorta fan of the Cubs, she has at least gotten me to enjoying the sport in general. Also hearing my FIL talk about his days as sports writer in Chicago covering the Cubs helped me to embrace the team. Great man, during his last year of life, his interest in anything except eating waned. We tried to get him to watch baseball, telling him the Cubs were doing well. His words: “Watch them to just be let down again just before I die? No thanks.” Of course the next year they won the World Series.


My fandom is fairly straightforward, due to the era of my childhood & geographic location.

NHL: Canucks & Bruins. Canucks because I grew up in Vancouver in the 70s. Bruins because I needed a playoff team to follow in the 70s.

NFL: Packers & Seahawks. Packers because my old man was a Vikings fan and, as stated above, children are assholes, so I took their blood rival. The Seahawks came into being in 1976, so geography dictated I follow them.

NBA: I knew about the 1979 Sonics & my brother played against Steve Nash in high school, but I really don’t care about basketball.

NCAA: All I knew about the NCAA as a kid was college football, and outside of Washington I only watched whatever Keith Jackson was calling on ABC.

SPL: Hearts of Midlothian, my grandfather’s side.

Wrestling: Stampede Wrestling; Ric & Dusty; anyone in WWF that was from Stampede.

MLB: Never had a favourite team; just liked the game. Have really enjoyed working at a stadium & following the guys who’ve come through there. Favourite MiLB player who made it: Bengi Molina.


I saw him play in Calgary!

Senor Weaselo

MLB: Yankees. My dad came to this country as a baby in the ’60s so he didn’t have any rooting interests from his father, except “fuck the Soviets and the Turks for eternity.” But he became a fan of the Thurman Munson and the Yankees, where Thurman’s death was one of the worst days of his childhood.

NFL: Jets. Kind of a toss-up and we will root for the Giants in all other capacities, but Jets Fest was at Hofstra every year. I remain slow as all fuck.

NBA: Knicks. Kind of process of elimination, but the only game I went to was Reggie Miller Part 921 in the playoffs. But I did enjoy watching Jordan, of course.

NHL: Rangers. I didn’t really follow hockey until college or so, where my two best friends (both Rangers fans) would talk hockey and I had to learn just to keep up. The Cup run actually really cemented it, it was a fun ride.

NCAAB: St. John’s. Madre Weaselo did her Bachelor’s and Master’s there (Padre Weaselo went for a semester or year until he was asked to leave) and still does some work-related functions there. And it’s literally a straight line four miles down the road.

JMR: Team Momo. They’ve been the underdog since the 2017 collision incident and you can’t not root for them. And it’s rough especially because I also really like the Wisps for their color scheme to the point they might be my second or third team with the Green Ducks, which is more “excited about an encore” (sad quacks), but there was no foul play there, and the Wisps donated to Momomomo’s medical fund. More on all three of these teams in my final Marble League write-up… Thursday? Possibly?


NHL: Rangers. It was the first sporting event I ever went to. Growing up in Fairfield County Connecticut, I got more exposure to them than Hartford. I got hooked early and haven’t looked back ever since. Even when I was employed by both the Islanders and LA’s AHL clubs, I kept my Rangers fandom (sometimes in secret).

NBA: It was the Knicks growing up, but now I cannot stand basketball.

NFL: Patriots. Despite being in the NY media market, I never got into the Giants or the Jets. My first NFL game was in 1996, a pre-season game at the old Foxboro stadium vs. the Eagles. I followed them that entire season and they went to the Superbowl that season and I was hooked.

MLB: Red Sox. Again, the NY media market saturated everything. All of my friends were Yankees fans, and I started paying more attention during the 1996-2000 Yankees dominant years. My friends became so blase over them, saying things like “I wont even watch until they make the ALCS” etc. I never saw the fun in rooting for something so expected, and went with the Sox as a contrarian pick

PL: Spurs/Brighton. I just really got into the Premier League last year, and Spurs were definitely an entertaining bunch to watch. Plus becoming a fan of City/Liverpool a the top of their games didn’t seem right. Brighton? I went there for vacation, and I liked how they fight to stay in the PL.

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Moose -The End Is Well Nigh

comment image


I really want this to be your contribution to Brick’s who are ya


I grew up nowhere near any major league city, so my allegiances seem strange to some, but really, it came down to who I saw on tv and liked.

NHL: Montreal. The CBC didn’t even start showing doubleheaders until my 20s, so growing up you watched either the Leafs or the Canadiens. (Oh, there were a few freaks who were Bruins fans, and some bandwagon-jumpers became Islanders or Oilers fans, but >80% of my classmates were Leafs or Habs.) Weirdly, my dad never had a favorite team. Thankfully though, my best friend and his father were Habs fans, so I was spared the danger of Leaf fandom.

MLB: Sort of a similar story — the televised games were mostly Blue Jays or Expos, though of course there was no real rivalry since they didn’t play each other. As I was already a Montreal Canadiens fan, it was natural to adopt the Expos, especially given how fun and talented they were in the early 80s. After they left, I never really transferred loyalty. I don’t hate the Nationals, and sort of felt a little nostalgia for their win last year, but they don’t feel like “my” team. Although they’re local, the Dodgers hurt me too badly with Black Monday for me to adopt them, though I wouldn’t mind seeing them win just to end the dumb “choker” bullshit.

NFL: I think the first year I paid attention to the NFL was during the 1982-83 playoffs, the strike year, when David Woodley led the Dolphins to the Super Bowl. That, plus my general fascination with warm-climate cities, led me to adopt them as my team. Just in time to be crushed by John Riggins in the Super Bowl. The team has tested my patience quite a bit since then, but not to the breaking point.

NBA: Not applicable.

CFL: Ha ha ha ha ha. I mean, I probably sort-of cheered for the Alouettes/Concordes on those rare occasions that I actually watched a CFL game. But the CFL was decidedly uncool during my childhood.


I used to visit my friends in West London every couple of weeks when I lived in Scotland. We would always head down to the Cottage to watch Fulham as we could get tickets, no violence, gorgeous stadium, most neutrals like them. Due to repeated visits I am now an intl member and have been for years.

I blame my ardent support of Puebla in SexiMexi futbol due to Balls who explained their mediocrity to me then sent me a bootleg jersey! Also I looked up the city and my wife would now like to accompany me there as it is beautiful.

I lived in St. Kilda, hence the Saints support. Also to a bunch of E’s with the players at a party in 2004.

Moose -The End Is Well Nigh

The vast referee conspiracy that your team is the victim of.

comment image

Moose -The End Is Well Nigh

For those whose emotions are controlled by their teams:

comment image

Moose -The End Is Well Nigh

For those of you who have jerseys.

comment image

Moose -The End Is Well Nigh

When I was a kid I was a Dallas Cowboys fans because a family member I looked up was. I won two cases of beer in the ’77 Superb bowl because Donks fans. Easily converted to a Donks fan as they were local and the sad-sack favorite as a kid, when Jerrah bought the Cowboys. I think my best time was when they beat fucking Favre in the Superb Owl, as the media, even the local media, gave them no chance. Otherwise with other sports I root for the locals mostly depending on the situation.

I like rooting against fan bases the are spoiled/ egotistical (we did this, we did that; NO the local team did; you didn’t do shit you ignorant POS.”), or the woe is me fan base that just bitches (every tema has both of these, it is just more prevalent with *certain* franchises). 99.3547% of owners are complete assholes and employ fellow asshole sycophants, so it is easy to lump them in with the fans. I like teams with good running gags and jokes; being a Donks fan the dead horse thing comes naturally.

The Denver Broncos NFL team, not the Brisbane Broncos, not that I have anything against, just not a practical association.

Moose -The End Is Well Nigh

comment image


Kings and Arsenal?

I don’t think we can be friends.

Moose -The End Is Well Nigh

No need to burn his house down. You almost got caught last time.


comment image

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Also, nice pictures!

Moose -The End Is Well Nigh

Sorry, got a little over anxious (AGAIN!) and forgot the 10-40.


I think you’re the first person I’ve met that’s a fan of the Phoenix Suns. If I hadn’t read your description, I wouldn’t have believed it.

Moose -The End Is Well Nigh

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