Wrestling is not fake, it is scripted

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Saturday’s PPV was loaded with great matches, storylines and athletic moves. It also disturbed me.

I will publish a review prior to the Wednesday night show, but I need to rant.

One of the big matches was Matt Hardy vs Sammy Guevara. This has been a big storyline over the past few weeks, and this was going to be the big blowoff. If Matt loses, he leaves AEW. Falls count anywhere. You can only win by pinfall, submission or unable to respond to a 10 count.

So, given the history of this feud, this could go anywhere. So the match starts with Matt in Jaguars stadium, yelling for Sammy. He hears a motor revving behind him. Sammy arrives driving a cart, trying to run Matt over. Very classic callback.

Matt has run Sammy over twice with this exact vehicle.

Sammy obviously misses and the match begins. Sammy takes ridiculous bumps in the stadium. Trash cans, picnic tables, walls, etc. Then this happens. Matt sees a scissors lift and drags Sammy onto it and raises it into the air.

The trouble begins

At the bottom of the picture, you can see two tables, ostensibly filled with merchandise. Everyone watching knows someone is going through those tables. Now, while falling through a table hurts, the breakage does break the fall of the person going through it. Table breaks look awesome, but are relatively low risk. Unless.

Mistakes happen

I couldn’t capture the exact point, but Sammy pushes Matt too hard off of the lift, and they miss the tables. Matt’s head hits the concrete square! This is the aftermath.

Are you dead?

The referee is clearly evaluating the real health of Matt Hardy. She saw his head bounce off of the concrete. This is real concern. Now, Matt, like most athletes, always wants the show to go on. With nothing else to go on, Sammy pulls him up and continues the match. This is when things went very, very wrong.

Smark information to follow

Now, we all know that there are in-story injuries and real injuries. It is the job of the referee to let the backstage know if the injury is real and they need to stop the match. The crossed forearms is the universal signal that someone is legitimately injured. Aubrey is clearly signalling that Matt has a real brain injury. If they are using this as a work, that is not cool, because now, how does the back know if someone is really injured. As I went back and reviewed the video, she made the same gesture right after Matt hit the ground.

Call a doctor, you idiots

So, now they finally call in a doctor and repeat the “real injury” gesture.

Okay, this is fucked up

While the doctor is evaluating Matt, Sammy gets up and heads back into Daily’s Place, where the original finish was planned. Other that screwing up the first fall, Sammy has does nothing wrong. They are clearly trying to call an end to the match. Then this happens.

You’re a doctor?

They let Matt get up and chase Sammy into Daily’s Plaza! Matt has clearly said “I’m good, man. I can still go.” Like every wrestler ever. And you listened to him! If you saw him walking, you would stop him immediately. He is walking like a DFO contributor 3 hours into an open thread. There is something clearly wrong with him. Why in the hell do you let this happen? Yet the match continues. There are lots of great moves and it ends with Sammy taking a ridiculous bump off of scaffolding onto a collapsing stage. But that is not the story.

Online, Matt’s wife called out AEW for letting the match continue. Matt went to the hospital with a concussion after the show. This is why you can’t let athletes diagnose their own concussions. RE: Chris Benoit. This makes me sad that I enjoy professional wrestling. But I also watch the NFL.

Thanks for listening.






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Horatio Cornblower

Hey guys, I think Scotchy is trying to sell us some cocaine.


Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more, say no more.


Horatio doesn’t lie. Doesn’t lie. Doesn’t lie. Cocaine.

/Aw crap!

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Game Time Decision

I want to try whatever he’s on

Moose -The End Is Well Nigh

Weed don’t need to talk about this.


If you wanna Bing Stay at a Sting Ray. LSD.


If you wanna gloat at a stoat. Cocaine.


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One day, I will get through a grilling holiday without propane running out. Won’t be today, though.


“She don’t lie. She don’t lie. She don’t lie. Propane”

-Hank Hill

Buddy Cole's Halftime Show!

If your tank doesn’t look like frozen Nicholson’s face in the shining at the end of the day you’re not grilling

Buddy Cole's Halftime Show!

I never could get into wresting, even when a babysitter of mine would watch it regularly and I was prime age to get locked in for life.

The culture always intrigues me though, there’s people who know it like my father knows baseball and I find esoterica like that fascinating. I know of it in passing because wrestlers would make cameos on various Nickelodeon shows in the 90s (Bobby Heenan on ‘Double Dare’ and ‘What Would You Do?’, The Rock on ‘Figure it Out’, etc.).


Jurassic World whatever is trending on the Canuck notflix. Fack off!!!



4 words

Gender reveal extinction event


a gender reveal party caused that forest fire?


/watching a Netfix’er doc

Never heard of Snow’s BBQ. And the pitmaster is an 85 year-old woman? I learnt me something new today. I like that.

Buddy Cole's Halftime Show!

I believe it is only open 3 days a week and when they run out, go find another spot.

yeah right

Texas Monthly has the definitive list of every barbecue place in the state and Snow’s has been number one several times.


I’ve been told that Texas Monthly has the biggest period ever.

yeah right

And since I know you’re a fan of the longform reads they have some fantastic articles as well. That’s how I found the BBQ list.


One of my bucket thingys is driving around the southern-ish U.S. and eating all kinds of BBQ. Wifey is not on board. Yet…

yeah right

I’ve been to a few. Franklin’s in Austin, Salt Lick outside of Austin in Driftwood TX, Rendezvous, Interstate, A&R in Memphis, Dinosaur BBQ in Syracuse.
Hell man that’s not too far from you and it’s ABSOLUTELY worth the effort.

I’ve been everywhere, man!


Shoutout to yr.


Looking at the haze over Los Angeles today…


Try having him as the owner of your fave futbol club……


New Jack says to just do more cocaine before matches, pussies. Bumps help with bumps.


Also (many of these in wrestling), one of the most harmful things for talent WWE has done in recent years is using the X signal as part of a work. First saw it after Daniel Bryan’s concussion against Orton when they were building him for his title win over Cena at SummerSlam, when they had Triple H do a worked concussion against Curtis Axel and the ref threw up the X to add gravitas to it. It’s almost at the point that you expect the wrestler to make a heroic return when you see it in WWE.


Yikes! That looked really bad. I can’t believe they kept going…


Also remembering this from a couple years back when an indie wrestler made a very poor decision and went out of his way to climb up one level higher than the spot originally called for.


The title made me think of WCW-era Hacksaw Jim Duggan and his hilariously bad foam 2×4 that he could never make not bend in half when hitting people with it no matter how he held it.

This was the first AEW show in some time I didn’t watch due to playoff hockey, and Twitter was basically a sea of people screaming at them to stop. Not a great look. Reminded me of that KENTA-Ishii finish from last year where KENTA looked like he was dying in real time and still finished the match.


Also, congrats to Matt Hardy on his 43rd consecutive loss in a career match. Please don’t go to Impact.


Or victory? I’m very confused by the outcome of this match.


It was foam all the way through? How fucking stupid is that? Just run a 1″ piece of PVC down the middle; you could whack someone all day with that and it’d barely even leave a mark.

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Man, I don’t like this feature where it shows my comments have been edited. I prefer to preserve my air of infallibility.


When it happened, I turned to Mr. Nel – we were both shocked and disgusted – and said that it made me think of that STUPID (dumb, not ridiculous) bump in the Naito – Ibushi match last year, when it looked like they both almost broke their necks on the edge of the ring. People were sickened by that. Nobody wants to see anything that terrifying. KENTA-Ishii was like that, too.