Woo! Your Sunday NFL Football Open Thread

[turns BEST BRA EVER! admercial off]

It’s almost too much football, isn’t it? Kidding! No, it is not. TO THE GAMES!!!


Did the Vikes front office giggle a bit when they traded the league’s best downfield wr (% of passes caught 20+ yards from LOS) to the Bills so that he could be paired with the league’s worst downfield passer? Probably. Singletary’s usage last year befuddled me-a dynamic, breakaway type back, he was used behind Gore when the latter was clearly fading. Now Zack Moss is the apple of McDermott’s and Daboll’s eyeballs. It seems that this coaching staff is in ‘Back To the 80’s!’ mode.


I’m forced to cheer for a Pats player because I want to see Cam do well. Please shoot me.


So many offensive weapons on the field in this game. Should be a fun game to watch and yes, that is the first time that word has ever been uttered in the context of these two cities. Sure it’s an easy joke but… I’ve got nothing.


Lots of debate among conservative fantasy players as to whether or not one should start Taylor. Look, the Jags have one of the worst run D’s in the league-both Mack and Taylor will have about 15 carries and a score by game’s end.


Sanders is a goner so play Boston Scott if ya gotta. One concern is that Team has a very impressive D-line now. As always (it seems) Philly’s wr’s are nicked up-play DeSean before he joins the wounded.


Golladay tweaked his hammy and didn’t practice on Friday. The Lions would be stupid to play him, so he’s a go? Pivot over to Hockenson, he’s my candidate for 2nd year breakout tight end.


Dalvin got paid! Anyway… That Minny D that one could always count on to force the issue has only 5 returning players from 2019 playing today. Reportedly, A.J. Dillon’s thighs are in action this afternoon. The fellas on the Sirius fantasy channel were gushing like schoolgirls at a K-pop concert the day the photos came out. [rolls eyes]


Gotta love the combo of Matty Ice/his receiving options and the lousy Atlanta D. Perhaps his first 5,000 yard season is in play? He’s been very close twice before. There will be no fans at this game. By choice.


Everyone is jawing about Ruggs 3 but 3rd round wr Bryan Edwards did the wowing in camp. Them Las Vegans have quite a bit of young talent at the rb/wr spots-how long before they give Carr the old boot?

There’s your first slate. Have at it.

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Wouldn’t be the first time a lions receiver has dropped a game winning touchdown on opening day vs the bears


My hands are shaking. I’m not exaggerating

clint greasewood

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Holy shit, swift


That’s so Lions.


An Indecent Reception by Swift

clint greasewood

Prater time


A career ending Joe Burrow knee injury in week 1 would be the kind of “Return to Normalcy” event that we could really rally around.

King Hippo

The derp is strong, Fuck Lions.

King Hippo

Hold Our Beer! – Chi**** secondary


Cousin scoring the ultimate garbage time. How ya like that incest

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Bring in Alex Smith to rub it in.


How is Younghoe Koo the only kicker who can kick onside kicks, and he gets them right like 80% of the time?


Asians are good at math?




The lack of time between the last crushing Flyers loss and the first crushing Eagles loss prevents me from really feeling the pain of this, so it’s easier for me to transition into schadenfreude mode for the Mike McCarthy era.

Doktor Zymm

Oh hey! A successful onside kick! Now they just have to score, go for 2 and do it again in 28 seconds!


So excited for this Bears game to come down to a game tying field goal…

King Hippo

Fat Stafford out-Bearistocrating Chi****

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