Sharkbait’s Cocktail of the Week: How About Them Apples?

Happy Fall Friday! The Sharkbait clan decided to take advantage of a warm Fall Saturday (as well as get the fuck out of the house and do something) last weekend and we figured going to an orchard would be a relatively socially distant and safe activity. So off we went, and came back with way more apples than we know what to do with, non alcoholic apple cider (only because their hard cider was not ready to be canned yet) and beer.

The plethora of apples and the cider had me thinking about how to utilize them in a tasty beverage. Some quick research lead me to the aptly named Gin, Apple Cider & Ginger Beer Cocktail:

1.5 ounces gin
.75 ounces fresh squeezed lemon juice
.75 ounce apple juice or cider
Ginger Beer

Combine gin, lemon juice and apple cider in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake well and pour into ice filled, chilled glass. Top with ginger beer, stir and garnish with an apple slice and fresh grated nutmeg.

The nutmeg dominates the nose. Other aromas, even the fresh apple have issues cutting the strong spice scent. The juniper notes from the gin are also obscured here as well.

The sip starts off fairly neutral. The fizz of the ginger beer is the most noticeable trait. Halfway through the sip the flavor starts to come out. Hints of apple from the cider start to come through, mixed with lemon. I’m pleasantly surprised the lemon juice and cider play as nicely together as they do. Neither overpowers the other, but they take off the edge each one brings: The cider isn’t as sweet as straight cider is, and the lemon flavor stays, while the sharp tartness of the juice is muted.  This nice flavor meld holds all the way through the end of the sip.

The gin is not noticeable here at all, which I think is a good thing. The source mentioned using Hendricks, but I’m not sure cucumber gin would be the best here. I like what regular London Dry brings to the party. But, I’m not opposed to trying this again with Hendricks and seeing how that turns out.

For a fall drink, I’m surprised it is as light as it is. I was expecting more of the seasonal ingredients like the apple, cider and nutmeg to add more body and stronger flavors. Because it is so light, I think this drink is perfect for the early fall.  Especially at this point in the season. The days (at least in the Northeast) can still touch the mid 70s, so a nice and refreshing seasonal drink is most welcome.

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Sharkbait has not actually been bitten by a shark, but has told people in bars that he was for free drinks. Lives in Boston, married to a Giants fan, he enjoys whisk(e)y, cooking, the Rangers, and the Patriots.
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Moose -The End Is Well Nigh

The nutmeg dominates the nose.

-A certain unnamed perks up.

Actually, this sounds really good.


I got blaxito this weekend. He can have apples and peanut butter while I have this.


I am a Known Lightweight, so I seldom drink hard liquor, but when I do, it’s usually gin. This sounds delicious, I will try it!


I have a bottle of apple brandy I need to figure out what to do with. This seems like the right direction of flavor combination

Senor Weaselo

Call me intrigued. Preference of gin? Asking for a friend. (Me. I’m my friend!)


best friends forever!


I do enjoy Hendricks.

Moose -The End Is Well Nigh



I mean he wasn’t wrong.

comment image

Moose -The End Is Well Nigh

My bad.

comment image

Moose -The End Is Well Nigh

It’s good you have a friend to talk to, intelligent conversations.

comment image

Mr. Ayo

In order of my preference:

Monkey 47, Hendricks, Botanist, Sipsmith, Bombay Sapphire


Trying these this weekend.

comment image