Your “Who Really Cares At This Point?” Thursday Evening Open Thread

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Tuesday football? A hobo-free Wednesday? Beerguy on a Thursday? Truly, these are the strangest of times.

NFL Nuggets:

  • The Ravens are apparently still pissed at the Bengals for going for the late field goal & robbing them of a shutout.
    • Ravens DC Don “Wink” Martindale apparently yelled something the on-field mics didn’t catch (or the network bleeped) at Bengals head coach Zac Taylor.
      • Martindale’s squad is the top scoring defense in the NFL through the first five weeks of the season (15.2 points per game) while allowing the fifth-most yards (335).
      • “He knew what it was because it was awful quiet when I yelled it across the field. There are some people that take that as a victory. We’ll see. We’ll have plenty to talk about the next time we play them,” Martindale said.
    • It marked only the fifth time since the 1970 merger that a team kicked a field goal in the final minute to avoid a shutout, according to ESPN Stats & Information.
  • ‘rona Report:
    • The Falcons had a positive test, so their facility got shut down. 
      • Looks like Dan Quinn got out just in time.
      • The positive COVID-19 test is an assistant coach, but rookie Marlon Davidson was placed on the reserve/COVID-19 list Tuesday.
        • The Falcons are hoping his test is a false-positive.
      • No word yet about the status of their game against the Vikings.
    • The league is now enforcing a policy that if players test negative but are otherwise sick, they still have to isolate.
      • OBJ & Adrian Peterson were among the players banished from their team’s facilities under the new policy.
        • Beckham Jr. was tested on his way out of the Browns facility, and the team will get the results Friday.



Are you Americans in for a TV treat tonight. No wonder FOX moved the ball game off of just FS1 & booked it for the main network. I have never been happier for CanCon regulations, allowing me independent, likely bilingual TV options for this evening.

or this, if you’re stupider

To bring blissfully unaware people up to speed, there is no debate tonight because a 74 year-old man with COVID-19, or the “China Originated Viral Infectious Disease” if you have a Q-following relative, coursing through his veins doesn’t want to wear a mask around his 78 year-old opponent for the role of what used to be the most powerful man in the world. Instead, they are holding competing town hall meetings, only one of which will bother to filter out the crazies.

The controversy comes from the fact that Biden, apparently, booked his first for ABC. NBC then decided it wanted on the Trump train & counter-booked him for the exact same time across their platforms. It gives the impression that NBC is working for Trump by looking to diminish their network competition by allowing Trump to avoid debating Biden while simultaneously getting his message out unfiltered.

This is what is dominating the news cycle on both sides of the border. Even in BC, despite the fact that the BC Liberal Party – in the midst of an election campaign – had to dump a candidate 10 days out from voting day because he said the NDP’s free contraceptives policy, “… contains a whiff of the old eugenics thing where, you know, poor people shouldn’t have babies. And so we can’t force them to have contraception so we’ll give it to them for free. And maybe they’ll have fewer babies so there will be fewer poor people in the future,” he said.

The exact moment when your brain says, “DON’T!” but your soul screams, ‘JESUS!”

Dude was also in trouble for opposing a rainbow crosswalk and supporting conversion therapy. That kind of belief might work in rural USA but doesn’t fly in an exurb of Vancouver, BC.

The problem for people who want no part of either trainwreck is that there is very little by way of new or alternative network programming. Even ancillary shows like the late-night chats or things like “The Daily Show” will be talking it up, so there’s no escape there. FOX at least brought it’s baseball game out of the shadows. And I’m sure there’s a rerun you haven’t seen a hundred times.

Tonight’s sports:

  • NCAA:
    • Football:
      • Georgia State at Arkansas State – 7:30PM | ESPN / TSN
    • Women’s Volleyball:
      • TCU at West Virginia – 7:00PM | ESPNU
  • MLB:
    • Dodgers vs. Atlanta – 8:00PM | FS1, FOX / Sportsnet

There’s no Thursday Night game because Tennessee caught the ‘rona & it forced the league to move Buffalo off Thursday to Monday. So – fuck Bud Adams!

Good luck. At least I know the [DFO] comments will be the most engaging parts of the evening.

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I don’t want to vote.

Brick Meathook

You need to work on your campaign speeches.

We need to get you on the ballot.


Costco was good. Got the baguette and the small cookies they make in the bakery. Picked up Welch’s fruit snacks. Got their cinnamon roll pull aparts. And a case of udon. It was the best I could do with NFL. Though did catch the end of the Georgia St vs Arkansas St game. That was a fun one.

Senor Weaselo

Welch’s fruit snacks?
/Senor’s Timbs fly open
//Padre Weaselo stole my last pair of Timbs, I should get a new pair considering my current boots broke two of the metal dealies way back in China


Since I am inept at posting pics, imagine a gif of Adam Ant singing Puss N Boots right here. Only it’s cool. Like really cool. And it makes you want to listen to that song right now because that song is so good.

Thank you.


Ohhh. I need to go to Costco when my car is fixed.

Joliet Jake Delhomme

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