Rob Manfred Wishes He Were a National Disgrace

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Nice to see those one-year punishments were so effective and black-balled the coaches involved, right? Ha.

AJ Hinch (former Astros manager) to the Tigers. Alex Cora (former Astros bench coach, Red Sox manager, and ringleader of BOTH verified cheating scandals as Buzzergate wasn’t confirmed *jerking motion*) gets RE-HIRED by the Red Sox.

And remember, none of the players got punished (except Carlos Beltrán having a perfect 0-0 record as manager of the Mets), neither title was vacated or asterisked, the Commissioner’s Trophy is “a hunk of metal,” all that jazz.

So what did we learn from all this?

That sounds about right. I mean did you see the shock on Manfred’s face when he got booed giving the trophy to the Dodgers? As if it’s not tradition to boo the commissioner regardless and it comes as part of the territory. But no, the nerve of the people to not love what I’m doing even though a solid portion of it makes no goddamn sense!

Jeez, between the NBA bubble being a drawn-out “meh,” NFL teams not giving a fuck about your restrictions, and Rob Manfred just being the worst, Bettman might have been the commissioner who did the best job this year. BETTMAN!

Can we live in a world where that’s a thing, that Gary Bettman is the most competent of the major sports commissioners? Then again, it is 2020, we’ve seen everything that can happen this year, so *shrug*

In conclusion, fuck the Astros.

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Senor Weaselo
Senor Weaselo
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Ed McMahon's Party Machine!

Bettman embraces being the heel the most and I’ve grown to not mind him over the years. He’s not oblivious like the other three.


And the White Sox still tweeted out a picture of “new” manager Tony LaRussa with AJ Hinch’s signature on it, so you know he was landing somewhere

Game Time Decision

really not sure I can handle Bettman being the competent commissioner.


Me neither but the hockey season and the playoffs were the best thing about the last six months.