Your Sunny Sunday Afternoon NFL Football Open Thread

The sun is out here so it must be out everywhere. That’s the kind of rock-solid logic you can take to the bank, mister.



I mean, this one was over as soon as the sked was revealed, right? Carolina defends the long ball well so look for Mahomes to take what he is given underneath. (bodes well for the rb’s) Now here is where it gets funny-if the Panthers successfully defend the long ball and limit plays underneath that means that the defense with the most amount of missed tackles will then have to shine. Nope. McCaffrey and his beaver brown band is back.


Denver has a great coverage unit but old Julio is kinda bulletproof. With Ridley out Gage (he has the third most yards among wr3’s) and Christian Blake will see some as well. Atlanta can’t defend the te so Fant is in play-if he gets at least 5 targets the odds are that he’ll also get a TD.


It seemed like MVP talk involving Josh Allen happened a long time ago. The first 4 weeks of the year he was QB2, the last 4 weeks he’s been QB13. There is good news for him today though-the Hawks have allowed more rushing TD’s to his spot than any other team. Neither of these teams can stop the talent out there so, PLAY ‘EM ALL!


Both teams are coming off 2 straight losses but I have faith in the Titans (Survivor!) Besides, at the time I called the 5-1 Bears the weakest in the league and they’re just obeying me. Chicago has allowed the most 15+ rushing gains so far this year and well, well, look who has the third most in the league? I think Henry has himself a game if he can get to the second level a few times. The Bears also give up tons of yards to te’s so Jonnu might be in play.


Those of you (like me) that have been sitting on Dobbins all year can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. A hundy vs the Steelers and a 33% missed tackle number surely means that he gets the lion’s share of carries going forward, right? Woo boy, according to PFF, since last year Rivers has thrown (in a noodly fashion) 42 turnover-worthy passes-that ties him with the one and only Dimes.


Good news for Minny-without Golladay on the field his QB rating takes a swan dive. He’ll still do some tossing so Marvin Jones is playable but your sneaky start might be Marvin Hall who went for 114 last week. As for Cook, he owns the Lions so he going for 125 and 2 for sure.


Many pundits are telling the air that Team’s d-line will crush today but if any unit of the Giants is showing improvement it’s the o-line. They were supposed to have their collective heads clobbered vs Tampa and it didn’t happen. Thing is, they’re doing it with 3 rooks. Weird! Don’t be afraid to start McLaurin-in the first meeting, of the 12 targets he had he was defended by Bradberry only twice.


Let’s all welcome Jake Luton aboard. As far as debuts are concerned you couldn’t ask for an easier one here. His draft assessment tells us that he has a much stronger arm than Minshew but that he’s also a guy that doesn’t take a lot of risks. So maybe fade Chark (he’s being covered by Robey also) and take a swing at Laviska Shenault. A super sneaky play might be Jordan Akins because the Jags have surrendered 7 TD’s to te’s.


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Was anyone watching Denver? Did the officials award that ball to the wrong team?


*sigh* damned Seahawks

Don T

Onside kicks are waaaaay more nervy in audio.


Jesus, Team


Meanwhile Arsenal decided to go full Arsenal and are now 3 down against Villa, so I think I’m gonna go drink now…


Status update – I have a bottle of Pogues-branded whiskey (surprisingly decent for its price, btw), a straw and an amp more than ready to deliver some Led Zep goodness to my K872’s so it’s time to salvage this evenin’!


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Game Time Decision

Does that mean he broke being broken?


I am le tired


Well, take a nap



… but .. we must fire ze missiles!!!


The Titans, a good team, stayed aggressive with a 17-3 lead in the 4th quarter and scored another TD.

Did the rest of the league notice?


The problem is that the league also remembers when Shanahan did the same during LI with a team that was perceived to be rather fucking good itself … and a Superb OWWWWW loss is more memorable than some random week 9-ish? game


Being aggressive is statistically better. I want to see every team going for it on 4th and less than 3 every time. I want to see teams still going for scores when up 14 in the 4th, not just running out the clock. Not quite Houston-Buffalo but not prevent defense and sitting on laurels.


Sure, except that it’s “statistically better”, because it’s done less likely, which means less prep time for the defence. It’s the same reason why shit like the Miami Miracle happens – if you get confronted by something decidedly uncommon, you lose precious moments recognizing what the fuck is happening and how to respond to it.

Plus, I’d wager that the teams that are a bit more aggressive are the ones with the better caliber coaching and on-field personnel, because unless you’re retarded, you don’t go “aggressive” if you don’t have a decent advantage over the opposition


I think it was Stephen Ruiz on Mina Kimes’ podcast (I can’t recall; I listen to a lot of NFL podcasts) who suggested that the Titans were the sort of team that would annihilate weaker competition but be helpless against good teams. It was an interesting idea, that the Titans are very good at what they do, but it’s the only thing they’re good at and they don’t have the raw talent on the team to adapt and do other things.

So if a team has a defense that can take away the run/play action game, and have a QB that won’t continually get fooled by their disguised coverages, the Titans might just get smothered and lit up.

Don T

TEN is a dynamite offense and (until this game), shit D except for most of the D-line and a coupla LBs. Still, they hung with PIT and have not been blown out. Which is an achievement when the D can’t get a 3rd down stop.

Don T

Nope. This TNF is Clots @ Tits. Maybe then.