2020 Quotables – Week 9 (Results)


This weeks results intro is c/o Sharkbait.

What is this? Back to back Sharkbait posts? That is correct! I have the honor, nay the privilege of bringing you this week’s quotables results. Thanks to Blax for asking me to contribute.

I thoroughly enjoy this recurring post. It showcases how creative, hilarious, (and downright twisted) we all are as a collective. Plus, the MST3K banner images are always fantastic as well.

The placeholder theme as you may have noticed was Jeopardy themed to honor the late, great Alex Trebek, because apparently 2020 didn’t suck enough. As much as 2020 sucks it appears it doesn’t suck as much as cutting promos for Phone Jeopardy did in the early 90s:

Rest in peace you magnificent bastard.

On to the winners!

“Lindsey Vonn is going to have to come back and teach the Texans to wrap it up.” -BrettFavresColonoscopy

“Yakety Sax has a list of demands before it will be publicly associated with this play.” -Game Time Decision

“♫ Jesus, take the [part of brain that controls lower body motor functions]…♫” – Rikki-Tikki-Deadly

“Ok, on three, everybody do the Terri Schiavo Gettin Titty-Fucked” – SonOfSpam

“White Men (Still) Can’t Jump” – Senor Weaselo

“It’s like playing sports against a toddler. It takes a lot of hard work to shave so many points.” -nomonkeyfun

“You spend all your life with the mantra ‘just keep your kid off the pole’ and a group of tacky dressed Bears ruin it all in an instant.” – Duchess

“First the Chinese meddle in the election and now they’re exerting undue influence on our sports teams!?!” -LemonJello


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I sat on a jury years ago, 2nd degree attempted murder case. One day the defendant wore sneakers with his suit to court. It was that day I knew he was guilty.
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Nice job, Sharky! Suck it in heaven, Trebek.


That would be a great SNL bit twenty years ago.


duchess isn’t getting enough love on these


The man is funny af


Work ended a while ago. It technically ended at 2 but then we had a big meeting I forgot to schedule around. Boo hoo for OT.

I need more booze. Luckily they deliver, but it’s verging on defeating the point of being quarantined.


Before I finished reading, I knew that was a SonOfSpam comment.

LemonJello’s is also brilliant.

Game Time Decision

It’s really not fair that the SonOfSpam comment was the first one in the thread. It’s soooo good.


Get in line.


as I read years ago on this very site:

Its SonOfSpam’s world, we’re just living in it


“You spend all your life with the mantra ‘just keep your kid off the pole’ and a group of tacky dressed Bears ruin it all in an instant.” – Duchess

This could almost be a Buddy comment.