Less Than Elite and Wednesday Night Open Thread

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Let’s meet our new TNT Champion, Darby Allin:

Now, I really enjoy Darby as a wrestler. I like the gimmick. I like how he wrestles. I like how he seems to have no regard for his own personal safety. I also would be remiss to ignore the #speakingout movement and its accusations against him. Indy wrestler Danika Della Rouge has shared the story of an anonymous person who claims to be a victim of Allin’s abuse.

Can you imagine having to watch every single word that comes out of your mouth every second and minute you are around someone you care for? Can you imagine that the same person you have grown to trust and confide in purposely and continuously try to hurt you? Emotional/Mental abuse can be just as detrimental to someone as physical abuse.

What you have done has traumatized your victim, you have made them question every single second of there life now. Yelling patronizing things such as ‘you just want to be friends with everybody’. You enjoy being in control by intimidation. Holding things over people’s heads to gain power over them. You say you cared about this person and yet you would speak ill to them about their own family. You have denied them to express their own feelings, thoughts, decision making for themselves. These are all different forms of abuse you have perpetuated in your past actions.

When you pressure your girlfriend with ultimatums you are controlling her. When you tried to control her like that you began to objectify her. Then it became easy for you to treat her like she was something less than human and then you decided you didn’t need her consent any longer to do whatever it was you wanted to do to her, and you know exactly what I mean.

Accusations were made for a reason. Fear plays a tremendous factor into why people including myself are horrified of speaking out. ‘No does not mean convince me’.”

Now, these are accusations, not proven facts. I am not completely willing to call out AEW for making him the “New Face of AEW”. But I also don’t think it should be ignored.

Darby and his wife Priscilla Kelly are in the process of getting divorced. He, much like CM Punk, lives the “straight edge” punk lifestyle. No booze, no drugs, often vegan. Darby began wrestling on the indy circuit in 2015. His record against Cody Rhodes is 1-1-1, with his only win to capture the TNT title, with a loss in the TNT title tournament and a time-limit draw in their first match.

Tonight’s Lineup:

  • Orange Cassidy vs. Kip Sabian
  • The Inner Circle heads to Las Vegas
  • AEW World Tag Team Champions Young Bucks vs. Top Flight (Non-Title Match)
  • Cody and AEW TNT Champion Darby Allin vs. FTW Champion Brian Cage and Ricky Starks with Taz
  • PAC vs. The Blade
  • Serena Deeb (c) vs. Thunder Rosa (NWA Women’s World Championship)
  • AEW World Champion Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega contract signing

Again, where is your own women’s world champion? Who wrestled on YouTube last week. You have signed the magical Jade Cargill and set up a feud with the owner’s wife. Which you have now killed.

Tonight’s Sprots:

Brain-Damage Sports

  • AEW Dynamite: 7:00pm, TNT
  • WWE NXT: 7:00pm, USA

Assigning future millionaires to current billionaires

  • NBA Draft: 6:00pm, ESPN

Okay, fine. College Football

  • Western Michigan vs Central Michigan: 6:00pm, ESPN2 (Winner plays the winner of Northern Michigan vs Eastern Michigan for the prestigious “Compass Cup”)
  • Northern Illinois vs Ball State: 6:00pm, ESPNU (Loser is forced to accept David Letterman as an alumni)

Sports are kind of thin on the ground tonight.

Let the beatings commence.

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Joliet Jake Delhomme
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Brick Meathook

I’ve noticed that every commenter on this blog has an official title, except for me. And yet somehow I’m always the guy in trouble.


I don’t have one. But I mainly lurk. Could I get a lurker title?


Hot-fucking-damn! The State Of Origin game between Queensland & NSW is on my tv right now! Looks like I’m up ‘til 2:00.

yeah right

I mentioned earlier today, off line, that I have a somewhat optimistic outlook come spring.

I will now translate that into a Rex Ryan inspirational.

“Men! Oh Men and ladies too. We have fought hard! Hard! Eight months we’ve battled the Devil’s spawn and we are still here!

Still here to stomp the terra and kick some ass.

Now is not the time to go weak!

Sure wearing a mask is a hassle, sure washing your hands for 30 seconds or more to wash off the pussy tubing is a pain.

But Men! We’ve done this for 8 fucking months now!

This shit should be ingrained!

We’re battle tested!

Hardened warriors!

What’s a few more months?

So we miss a holiday gathering or two.

So we break tradition just this once.

When we make it through? To the end of the fear? To get back to a form of normalcy?

We are going to slaughter life! We are going to seize life from the balls and seize it for all it’s worth!

There is an end in sight and we will be there to see it!

We’re going to kick this pandemic in the balls and come out on the other side covered with jism and glory!

“Fuck this pandemic on three” One. Two Three!

“Fuck this pandemic!”

Good talk men. Let’s get a goddamn snack!

Last edited 14 days ago by yeah right

“Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?”


Put it on a (very large) t-shirt


I’m struggling to find the reference to feet.


An enormous sock?

Brick Meathook


Doktor Zymm

I’m not Moose, and I’m going to sleep immediately after posting this, but for your edification I present this gif.


Probably not from celery, but from deadly, infected romaine. That’ll clear out the ol’ … everything.


Moose posted that back in the KSK days and i used it in a powerpoint presentation thereafter


Did Thunder Rosa win?

Mr. Ayo

Alas, the lack of a lightning strike portended that the Thunder did not roll.



Mr. Ayo

Also, there is no raining, ergo Thunder cannot happen.