Your “It’s For All The Moneys!” Sunday Night Football Open Thread

For a big game it doesn’t get much smaller than this. But hey, if a 3-7 Mississippi State football team can play in a bowl game then why can’t a desperately underachieving NFC East squadoo sully the good name of “the NFL Playoffs”? I see no reason, your case is dismissed and court is adjourned. [thinks to self, “That oughta please all those lawyer types out there.”]



-If Team had even slightly below-average qb play this year they wouldn’t be in this mess.

-I guess Alex Smith being able to start can be construed as good news although his PFF passer rating comes in at 31st among 38 qualifying tossers. Still, better than a bottle of Taylor Heinicke, right?

-A league-leading 67% of Smith’s passes are thrown short of the 1st down marker. I mean, I hate to pile on but Jeezuz that’s lousy. “He ain’t take any chances at all!”

-Hurts’ rushing attempts have decreased from 18 to 11 to 9 in the last three weeks but you’d think he’s have to reverse that trend if the Eagles plan on winning.

-Overall, an effective run game is needed to effectively sell play-action against Team’s nasty, pressurizing D.

-Missing in action for Philly is Cox, Sanders, Goedert, Barnett and Mailata. For Washington, Gibson and McLaurin are questionable.

-The absence of Mailata is a big one for the Eagles. It would seem that as a left guard he’ll be replaced by first-time starter Brent Toth. He’ll be facing-you guessed it-Chase Young all game long.

-Go Eagles! (just this one time and nevermind if the Giants blew it earlier today)

Praise be unto you all. Or something like that.

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The Browns winning has oddly given me joy about football for the first time in possibly my adult life.


Then I see the podcast equivalent of that cowardly cocksucker Drew and the other chickenshit KSK writers shitting on Ape and excising him from existence all over again because some bad faith motherfuckers made up lies and bullshit about him.

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Bloody Lethal
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Bloody Lethal
Senor Weaselo

Adam Gase is gone. Our long national nightmare is over. As opposed to the usual eternal Jets nightmare.



Bills over Colts
Seahawks over Rams
Bucs over REDACTED
Tits over Ravens
Aints over Bears
Steelers over Browns

Not a lot of room for other outcomes there….


I would like to see the factory upset the Steelers.


I would like to see some winning lottery numbers and perhaps Alison Brie sexually interested in me, but none of these things are going to happen.

Bloody Lethal

Well “some” winning lottery numbers are fairly easy to come by.


Given the times, take nothing for granted.

And maybe Alison will get bored of her dipshit husband


Do I want to know what this Bean Dad thing is that everyone is talking about, or am I better off not googling it?

Mr. Ayo

He’s already been cancelled, so go ahead and skip this one.

Horatio Cornblower

The new twist is that he’s taking Ken Jennings down with him.


Yeah, no Jeopardy! host job for him. Turns out Bean Dad is Anti-Semite Racist Dad. KenJen didn’t throw him far enough under the bus.

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I’m going to go ahead and say that those tweets are jokes taken out of context, both because it’s obvious to anyone who isn’t braindead or on a bad faith crusade to cancel someone over nothing and also because I’ve followed the guy’s career and podcasts for quite a while. So Twitter can eat my entire ass and I won’t have this slander spread on DFO.

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Doktor Zymm

Bean Dad? Like…father to legumes?

Downfield Matriculator

Basically the guy is to fatherhood what Matt Patricia is to head coaching — you’re missing nothing


I just learned, and i wish I hadn’t.


That is one ugly division champion hat, perfect for the NFC East.

clint greasewood

Congrats Human skins for winning the NFCE