Sharkbait’s Cocktail of the Week: They Took The Bar!

That’s right, they took the whole fucking bar! By they I mean the movers because today is moving day for the Sharkbait clan. I forgot how much moving sucks. Nothing is where you need it, everything is packed and there are boxes everywhere you turn, which is not great when you are tripping over them constantly. Not that I’ve done that once or twice…

This week I needed to keep it simple, mainly because my bar is taped up, and my booze is in various boxes awating transport to the new location. So, armed with what I had in my fridge, I made myself a boilermaker. Not a traditional one mind you, again we are working with what I’ve got so my “recipe” is as follows:

Moving Day Boilermaker

1 shot Sazerac Rye Whiskey

1 can of Devil’s Purse Tiny Devil Porter

I know a boilermaker is usually Irish whisky or bourbon, and a lighter beer, but I think that rye is an acceptable substitute. The beer I’m working with is from a small brewery on Cape Cod that we hit up on the way back from spending Christmas down there. Normally you’d take the shot then chase with the beer, but since this was a stout I went with a different approach. I sipped on both simultaneously and I think it worked out. The rye played really well with the stout flavors. It brought out more of the deeper, more chocolatey notes of the stout. Another plus is the stout is only 4.4% ABV, so you’re not getting overpowered by alcohol. Overall, it was a decent pairing for a non-traditional boilermaker.

On another note, I’ve been keeping track and this is post number 100 in this series. I envisioned doing something a little more over the top for this milestone, but alas, the moving gods have decided that will be further down the road. Realistically in a few weeks, when we’ve got most of our things (and the bar) unpacked and set up. I hope you’ve enjoyed the last 100 drinks I’ve made. I look forward to making more from my collection of cocktail books, as well as starting to make some more original concoctions.

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Sharkbait has not actually been bitten by a shark, but has told people in bars that he was for free drinks. Lives in Boston, married to a Giants fan, he enjoys whisk(e)y, cooking, the Rangers, and the Patriots.
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yeah right

Good luck with the move, Sharky

Now that we’ve been in the new place for a few months it’s incredible. Damn glad I moved and holy shit did we streamline the belongings.



Good luck with the move, sharkbait, I do hope it goes as smoothly as humanly (and moverly) possible with as few “X IS NOT IN THAT BOX, WHERE THE BLEEP IS X IN” screams possible.

Btw, I’ve discovered that moving even half a house over is quite the shitshow (we bought the neighbours’ semi-detached an’ just moving the den to their garage was… “fun” so I’ll gladly take a 9mm to the nuts to moving house entirely)

Don T

COTW are the posts I’ve shared most with my friends.* And boilermakers are freakin osom. It’s the only drink reliably immune to mah Drunk Texting Avoidance Protocol.

* Yes, I have friendS. Leave me alone.


Everyone has friends y’know, the question is how many of them are willing to bury a body no questions asked XD


That’s awesome! It’s amazing how time flies! Looking forward to the next 100.

King Hippo

Thanks for the reminder that, as much as I may love Oregon…Hippo is still gonna die where Hippo lives right now.


I say that every time I move. 23 times, so far!

Game Time Decision

and 10000000% agree that moving suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. Hope it goes smoothly


Thanks for all these posts – gonna print them all out someday and have a Lost Weekend.


100 cocktails, that’s like a whole week for Steve Bannon


Laughs in Steve Keim