Your AFC Championship Game Open Thread

Now this is the money shot, if you will. Likeable qb’s, exciting qb’s, excitable qb’s, even. Plus my chili has been happily simmering away for oh, about six-ish hours or so by now. Everything is beautiful…


-The last time the Bills were in this spot they were playing a very old Joseph Montana. (sounds like some gold prospector that started his own religion back in the 1800’s) As for The Chefs, they’re the very first AFC squadoo to host the game for three straight years.

-Sammy Watkins-listed as questionable-is that typical boom or bust fantasy guy on a team with many mouths to feed you regretted drafting. Thing is, he shows up in the playoffs. In his five games as a Chiefs he’s averaged 93 yards receiving per outing.

-The unsung player that is responsible for the Bills D being that bend-don’t-break unit is lb Matt Milano. He’s battled injuries and only played 10 regular season games (plus the two playoffs tilts) and hasn’t lost yet. When he’s not in the D gives up the 28th most rushing yards, when he plays they adjust to 9th. Average 1st downs per game drop from 31st to 8th. As far as points allowed, the D goes from 29th to 2nd.

-Kelce Time! (once again) The Bills gave up the most catches and the 2nd most receiving yards to tight ends.

-On A Roll: Honey Badger has 5 picks in his last 7 games. DC Steve Spaghetti Noodle refers to him as ‘my chess piece’.

-No one is surprised that Mahomes cleared the concussion protocol but what about the turf toe protocol?

-K.C.’s secondary does a great job on outside receivers so this should be an interesting battle. The Bills/Allen won’t back down from the challenge-mostly because they can’t run the ball in any meaningful way.

-As for the Chiefs, CEH went for 161 when these teams met up last time but as noted above, the Bills D is healthy and raring to go. As well, it looks like Darrel Williams will tote the rock.

-Take the over?

Drizzle your gizzards below.

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Senor Weaselo

But how does this match up to the cocaine hippos?

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