Wednesday Motivational – Draw The Line

Balls Of Steel And Fury  likes to say that his mantra is "Live and Let Die". And while I wouldn't phrase it that way necessarily.....He's not wrong. I've often had difficulty with letting go of something or someone I cared about....which/whom I should have let go of long before I did. But I

Wednesday Motivational – Be Kind

I'm about to sound like a crazed Hippie. Don't care. I try to be kind to every stranger I meet and also with those in my life I deal with regularly.  Family, friends, etc..  Admittedly, it's sometimes a difficult thing to accomplish. Some people won't accept kindness.  They're just not built for it. 

Wednesday Motivational – You Be You

For many years, most of my life actually, I lived in fear.  I don't mean fear of physical danger or anything like that.  But fear of what others thought or felt about me.  Fear of what friends and family expected from me. Fear of what I thought of myself also, if