2017 Indianapolis Colts Preview

For your 2017 Indianapolis Colts preview, I had an imaginary conversion with myself.  Enjoy. So the Colts, huh.  Didn't they used to be good? The Indianapolis Colts, né Baltimore Colts, have quite a storied history.  The team began as the Miami Seahawks of the All America Football Conference in 1946 and were

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2016 Detroit Lions Bye Week Update

  The Detroit Lions, a team in the NFC North, are currently 5 - 4 and are in first place by virtue of a win last week over the suddenly super-shitty Vikings.  Because I am not a Lions fan and haven't watched any of their games this year, I did some research*

25 NFL Questions From An Uninformed And Easily Distracted Fan: Week 7

As an homage to the overused sports writing trope of “[X number] Burning, Itching, Throbbing Questions for [X Team/X Sport/X League]”, I present to you a list of questions that I, an uninformed and easily distracted NFL fan, had after Week 7.  This week, I watched a little bit of the

2016 Green Bay Packers Bye Week Update

The Green Bay Packers, a football team in the NFC North, are 2 - 1.   They have defeated two bad teams (Jaguars, Lions), and lost to one good team (Vikings).  Their offense appears to be rounding into shape, and their bend-but-don't-break defense is the same defense as it has been the