Boots on the Ground – entropy Visits His Local Chili Cook Off

Hey folks, and welcome from the aftermath of the Lehigh Valley Chili Cook Off, held just offshore of the majestic Lehigh River, near these monstrosities: These giant industrial beauties are what remains of the once-proud Bethlehem Steel plant, and they used to produce a truly inspiring amount of local pollution so

You Should Be Watching The Magicians

The Magicians, Syfy's other modest-budgeted hit show from last year (along with the adaptation of The Expanse novels, which warrants its own post should this one find an audience), is probably the finest fantasy-themed show on TV not named Game of Thrones, and the second season finale airs tonight at 9 PM Eastern. If you're

entropy Reads the Classics…. a call for submissions

How the hell did HE get back in here?!

OK, Folks, I know I have been mad lazy what with producing no new kontent and barely commenting and all, and I should probably apologize for that... but it would be bullshit, because I'm not good at apologies and I honestly felt I didn't have much to contribute lately, so I

Li’l Johnny Saves Christmas, Part One: An entropy-style Christmas Special

Li’l Johnny Saves Christmas, Part One --or, This Is Not the True Meaning of Christmas, Or Even “Saves,” For That Matter-- I. Best Laid Plans   Christmas had come round again, And Johnny was going away He already made excuses to friends For missing Christmas Day.   He’d packed away his sunscreen, He’d bought extra flip-flops Johnny even paid a little extra For the

Hastily Assembled Much-Needed Mid-Season Hiatus, or, New York Jets at the Bye

(This is a collaborative effort between entropy and Senor Weaselo. We blame any and all errors on theweebabySeamus) The interior of a network executive's office, location undetermined, as all the window shades are drawn. The NETWORK EXECUTIVE is staring expectantly at the man in the first guest chair, who is hunched

We Won’t Have Mike Carey To Kick Around Any More

(We open on a conference room at CBS Sports studios, where Sean McManus is obviously getting ready to deliver bad news to someone. Several low- and mid-level flunkies are seated at varous places around the conference table, eating the free donuts, drinking coffee, and a few are even snickering) Low Level Flunky:

Your 2016 New York Jets Preview

You Know What This Is.

Let's just get this out of the way now: Hello DFO and Welcome to your 2016 New York Jets Team Preview! (this concludes the portion of this preview that contains actual excitement) So. The New York Jets. Or Jest, or New York Yets, or the North Jersey "Show Us Your Tits!" Unlicensed New