Request Line: Mi Casa, Su Casa

TYREL JACKSON WILLIAMS: Hello everyone and welcome to a special Friday edition of The Wednesday with Peter King. Now Peter... PETER KING: So I think for today we'll call it "The Fridayer". WILLIAMS: Actually, Peter, we're filling in for the regularly scheduled "Request Line" program, so maybe we'll just call it that? KING: No, Charles, let's stick

Request Line: Loud

INT. DFO PRODUCTION OFFICE - DAY DFO intern MICHAEL VICK lounges on a couch in the office, dozing.  He awakes with a start.  A look of panic fills his face as he dashes over to the desk and opens up a laptop computer, and his consternation increases as he taps a

Tales from the Meteor: Andy Reid’s 115th Dream (Part 3)

INT. HOSPITAL ROOM - DAY ANDY REID lies unconscious in a hospital bed. He is surrounded by friends and family, including his wife TAMMY REID, the Chiefs' general manager BRETT VEACH, quarterback PATRICK MAHOMES, and wide receiver TYREEK HILL.  TAMMY REID: ...and so the doctor said that if he'd only eaten five,

Tales from the Meteor: Andy Reid’s 115th Dream (Part 1)

INT. TV STUDIO - NIGHT ANNOUNCER: From North Carolina to Texas, from the brisket to the rump, from a rub drier than the Sahara to a sauce slathered wetter than the jungles of Borneo, this is “Barbecue Tonight” with your host Chicago Cubs broadcaster Harry Caray. HARRY CARAY: Hi everybody!  Harry Caray here, and welcome

That’s My Raiders! Grounded

EXT. OAKLAND RAIDERS SHARED HOUSE – DAY Establishing shot and title card. ANNOUNCER BETH MOWINS: The Raiders Family [sic] is filmed in front of a live studious [sic] audience. CUT TO – INT. LIVING ROOM – DAY The music of the My Chemical Romance album "The Black Parade" blares throughout the house.  KOLTON MILLER sits

A Bottle of Luck

INT. DIVE BAR, DECEMBER 1971 - NIGHT A crowd of middle-aged men sit on stools in front of a long mahogany bar.  A bartender stands placidly, occasionally moving to refill an empty mug from a series of taps featuring familiar American macrobrews.  Behind the bar, a single television broadcasts Monday Night