That’s My (Las Vegas) Raiders! Guardians and Gladiators

EXT. LAS VEGAS RAIDERS SHARED HOUSE – DAY Establishing shot and title card. ANNOUNCER BETH MOWINS: That's My Lost Wages Raiders [sic] is filmed in front of a live stiletto [sic] audience. CUT TO – INT. LIVING ROOM – DAY The music of Black Veil Brides blares throughout the house, though not quite as

Request Line: Celebration Rock

INT. DANK ROOM - DAY/NIGHT/WHATEVER An incredibly handsome (only slightly marred by the dark circles under his eyes) man with a six-day stubble sits at the kitchen table, eating a bowl of oatmeal.  In front of him is a tablet open to the Joe Biden subreddit.  He gazes wistfully at a