Holiday Shopping Guide. How to buy presents for the young ladies in your life

banner image courtesy of: Happy holidays folks! You know Christmas is just a few days away don't you? You didn't procrastinate again this year did you? Goddammit! Why do you do this to yourself? Now it's getting too late to order something online and have it shipped to you. You may even

STRAIGHT UP TRIPPIN IN L.A, YO! Boots on the Ground: Saints at Rams by DJ Taj

Banner image courtesy of the legendary Ralph Steadman. Turn off your mind, relax and just float along with me. Maybe it was the 50 grams of high grade edible pot or maybe it was the terribly (we'll get to that ) overpriced beers but what started out was a simple idea, I'm

Your “Uh-Oh, Company’s Coming” Saturday Evening Open Thread and NFL Broadcast Maps

Banner image courtesy of: Howdy folks! I feel it is my responsibility to remind everyone, well us U.S. residing folks anyway, that Thanksgiving is Thursday. Like, next fucking Thursday. As in 5 goddamn days Thursday. And you haven't even been to the grocery store yet have you? HAVE YOU!?! What are you thinking? That can

Boots on the Ground: Valhalla

On Saturday 10-21-17 through Tuesday 10-24-17, I fulfilled a major goal and visited Minneapolis to see a Vikings game and to just as importantly see the new US Bank Stadium. Holy fucking shit kids. This stadium is incredible. Some of the reasons for choosing this weekend was; it was right around my

Rams Stadium Update Pt 2: Inglewood. Still Up to No Good.

It has been awhile since I brought you the first LA Rams Stadium update and I figured it was about time we head on back to Inglewood to see how the development was going. So I took it upon myself as both your intrepid reporter as well as the DFO

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Season Finale – WINGS!

Good morning folks! We did it! We fucking did it! The NFL season is finally here and we made it through the interminable, arduous, ungodly offseason. Hot damn! While of course this means we've got hot, sexy NFL action every weekend for the next 5 months or so it also means I can

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Football is on the Horizon! Grilled Pesto Pork Chops and Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes.

Hey folks! Now that it's almost time to start the NFL season how about joining our traditional DFO NFL suicide league? Just head over to, register an account. Go to the fantasy section and select "Eliminator Challenge." Search for groups and look for "DFO Crack Suicide Squad" create an