Commentist Beer Barrel: Something A Little Different

I don't remember exactly when I first became aware of what barrel-aged beer, like, was. I definitely learned the names of some barrel-aged beers not long after getting into beer; I knew that Kentucky Breakfast Stout was supposed to be good, despite not knowing why it was good, or how it

Commentist Beer Barrel: The Happiest Place on Earth

It's been a while, hasn't it? I don't know about you guys, but a lot's happened in the snow household since I last wrote about beer here. We've gotten married (yes, to each other!), we've quit our jobs, and in two weeks we'll be moving to the land of my

Commentist Beer Barrel: Märzens and Milestones

Disclosure: A couple of weeks ago I was invited to, and attended, a bottle share hosted by Goose Island employees. I got to try some pretty sweet out-of-market beers and got a free glass (pictured), T-shirt, and bottle opener out of the bargain. I'm committed to transparency in the Beer Barrel