Book of Lions 16: 9-18

An excited murmur ripples through the flock of referees gathered in the Temple of Bleergh as High Priest Blandino takes the podium, a fanatical grin on his face.   Welcome Brothers! Once again we gather in His most holy Hall of Holding to pledge our undying dedication to Bleergh. Hail Bleergh! HAIL BLEERGH! Today is a special day, Brothers.

In the Grim, Dark Off-season…

...there is only conflict. Upon the blasted-out ruins of a forgotten peninsula, called Boca Raton in the Third Age, the thirty two Primarchs of the Shieldperium meet to decide what tactical changes must occur before the War begins in earnest once more in the months to come. "Take your seats." The halls of

Dark Deeds Merit Dark Rewards

December 6th, 2015 New Orleans, Louisiana Hours had past since the one loss Carolina Panthers continued their impressive season with a win over the New Orleans Saints. The Saints locker room, cleared of players, staff, and reporters, sat in darkness. Even the janitors had long since departed home to the comfort of their families