A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall – Dolphins 2016

  Hello everyone, I’m Warthog, you may remember me for such posts as... nope, nothing to remember me for. I mostly lurk, which is probably for the best. I'll skip the history lesson this time and get straight to the hard hitting analysis of the upcoming season for the Dolphins. Uhm...

Crossfit or Crucifix? (Revised)

Edit: My apologies for screwing up Word Press. This wasn't supposed to go live for some time, but since I managed to post it, I'll just go with it. I'll consider it divine intervention. I live in a churchy kind of place. Birthplace of Billy Graham, home to his son Franklin,

America’s Wang’s Team (well, one of them) Dolphins 2015

Welcome to the life of a Dolphin fan. Not a dolfan. Keep your face paint to yourself, I just want to drink beer and scream at the TV. In real life I teach history, so my fallback is the old-man-on-a-bus-bench-with-an-onion-tied-to-his-belt-because-it-was-the-style-at-the-time narrative form. To those of you seeking insightful, quantitative analysis