Your “Unquinquagintuplely Uniquely Unknown” 2019 Cincinnati Bengals Preview

It’s almost that time of year, when football returns and we get salvation from our family, baseball and sobriety.  And in that tradition comes a DFO Tradition where the Powers That Be grant me rare read-write access to the controls at DFO Central to talk about the Bengals.  Sadly, my

Your 2018 Bengals Preview: Re-Defining Insanity – One Year At a Time

Last time we saw the Cincinnati Bengals, they were finishing a disappointing season strong by defeating the Baltimore Ravens, letting fellow down-on-their-luck franchise Buffalo Bills back into the playoffs after an absence of just under two decades. After receiving the joys and adulations of a grateful Buffalo Bills team and

2017 Cincinnati Bengals Preview – Fool’s Golden Anniversary Edition

That’s right!  This is the 50th year of the Cincinnati Bengals and Mike Brown is putting off all the stops by putting an ugly patch on the jerseys.  And that’s pretty much it.  A patch on their current uniforms.  They can’t go throwback due to NFL rules about changing helmets