Your NFC Wildcard Playoff Game Open Thread

TO THE GAME! Bears/Saints: -The general consensus is that on-the-cusp of 42 years, Drew Brees will hang up his mole/birthmark for good after he loses. That won't be happening today. -Despite being benched Truth Biscuit actually has a record of 6-3 as a starter this year. Despite having the 2nd worst passing grade

Your Next NFL Football Open Thread

Did anything get sorted out? Well, surely this round of tilts will settle everything. TO THE GAMES! Packers/Bears: Chicago would have much preferred that Green Bay had nothing to play for but they want to solidify that #1 seed so this one should be intense, to the point where some players may end

Your Monday Night NFL Football Open Thread

It's very nearly the crunchiest of crunch times now. Can the Bills top off week 16 with a twisting of the knife into the Pats mid-section? I'm guessing pretty much everyone in the NFL-fans, assistants, owners, trainers, strength coaches, beer sellers, ushers, parking lot attendants, ticket-takers, dieticians, public relations types,