Copa América 2019 Team Preview: Rand McNally

We've got an extra team! It came as a bit of shock when this small country off the coast of South America qualified as a sudden 13th team, but shows how much analysts know! I drew the straw, so I get to uncover the mysteries. Rand McNally is a country off

Your “A Day/Week/However Long in the Life” Saturday Evening Thread A little bit of a spin on the Saturday night semi-musical post tonight, since screw it, I can, it's my show tonight. The world of a freelance musician's definitely a strange one, where what you're playing, for what event, and how much notice you're given to do it could ranges

House of Pain: Opening the Gate (or, The Annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo Breakdown, 2019 Edition)

Howdy, lizard people. It's late April, so as mentioned in the last House of Pain, it's (slightly after) the time of the year where hot sauce vendors, connoisseurs, and crazy fucks all converge on the Brooklyn Expo Center in Greenpoint (off the Greenpoint Ave stop on the G Train, which

House of Pain: X Gonna Give it to Ya

Motherfucker… it's not… a fucking… game. So around October or so, which tells you how long this has been waiting in the wings, THIS finally came in from the Heatonist website. Yes, House of Pain is back, even though Senor's laptop still goes unreplaced (seriously Senor, how hard is it) and there is

Your Still in March Unveiling of the Banner Tournament Authors and Champion!

What the above said, which is why this is being posted now. It's still March! But first things first, the final results, since it is the final. Drum roll please? That is a weak timpani solo, as when I played it it was an entire cadenza, but let's try that again. Your

Your 2019 Banner Tournament Championship and Flacco Eight Saturday Evening Open Thread

We got a big one going tonight, so let's get started. We'll start off with the lesser important stuff. NCAA Tournament Action: It's the Flacco Eight! Winners move to the Wrongly-Named Four. West Regional Final: #1 Gonzaga vs. #3 Texas Tech (6:09 Eastern, TBS) South Regional Final: #1 Virginia vs. #3 Purdue (8:49 Eastern,

The 2019 [DFO] Banner Tournament Penultimate Four Wait, did I not specifically say that it's the Penultimate Four because it is NOT final? Yes, but I've got the song for tomorrow already lined up. Or even… SONGS. Welcome to the Super Smash Bros. Melee Final Destination stage, which as everyone knows is the only place you're allowed to

2019 [DFO] Banner Tournament: Ice Milk Eight, Day 1

Welcome to the Ice Milk Eight, sponsored by Flanders' Unflavored Non-Fat Ice Milk! Don't be swayed by pretenders! Which is apparently a thing now, it's a brand of organic, uh, milk substitutes? I'm not using the term "nut juice," but, yes. That. We have the semifinal results in the BLEERGH Region, to see