Look Left, Look Right. You’re All Cut. The Colts Bye-Week. Why Did I Click This?

By now, you've read a great many of these bye week updates. All with an unique style and approach. Bravo and much praise to my colleagues for creating such mirth and merriment. I had intended to have some kind of off-kilter oddball opus of my own to contribute to the

DFO Archives: The Pope of Green Bay

As you well know, we at DFO strive mightily to keep you entertained and informed on current events concerning the NFL. Well Beerguyrob does anyway. The rest of us...ehh...well...hey what did you expect, you've been here this long. BUT! Did you know we have been providing this service for longer than

Making People Smile With Shogun…Pretzel Style.

Hi Everybody! Miss Me? (No you did NOT. Put your hands and other appendages down.) It has been awhile (I WILL NOT POST THAT AWFUL STAIND thing that says it's a song), but Mssr. yeah right with his fancypants French Bread (which why are you NOT doing this RIGHT NOW!?) reminded me


Hey lurkers! It’s time we meet. I’m Shogun Marcus, one of the tamer folks you’ll meet. If you stumbled into us, I do apologize up front. We try to play nice to most. It’s just that sometimes we all coalesce into a united hatred. (Hint…it’s ALWAYS the P*ts, sorry Maestro)

Annual Performance Evaluation: Goodell, R.

NEW YORK   Umm Shari, I think I'm going to take the afternoon off. You can too if you want, just make sure to send James Harrison another $50,000 fine. Call it "detrimental to the shield, he's a poopyhead." You know how to make it do. Ahh...another season in the books, quite a

Joe and Troy At the Superb Owl

When we last left our dismal duo, Joe was lamenting the entirety of the state of Wisconsin. Troy was Eggman. Standard Operating Procedure in other words. As it turns out FOX gets the Superb Owl this year, so once again unto the breach go our beloved broadcasting team. Let's see

Better Know A Mythic Figure: GMesis

Species Name: GMesis Shivathal (rhymes with Nemesis AND Genesis). However NONE EVER LOOK LIKE HER. But we view them as so due to their magical powers. Individual Names: Balkeballtarkomous (extinct), Joneszilla (unkillable owner hybrid), Slingbladeus (um...incriminating evidence?), Grigsonelle (extinct) From: Boardroom Scarface binges, Dartboard throws, "Hey he knows the owner!" Descended from/Spawned by: Unclear. Nepotism helps