Your “No Disrespect Dammit!” Thursday Open Thread

[Banner via Mar-a-Lago live feed] Next Sunday is Championship Sunday, the best sports day of the year, I think. But with its high highs comes the Wile E. Coyote plummet. Come next Monday, it’s the Superb Owl and then The Emptiness of Life* until August, interrupted by signings and the Draft.

Your “This Ain’t Over Yet” Pre-Wild Card Thursday Open Thread

Self-righteous crap and crying: what a way to start 2021. Never underestimate media and charisma. Yeah, charisma; folks in leadership positions do acquire it, even despite personality. Also, overexposure turns the mind into mush. So when a powerful figure speaks, the minions do not require a direct message to stoke irrational

2020 Quotables – Week 11 (Results)

¡Hola! This is Don T, long time Quotables lurker, first time Winners poster. Enough formalities: This “lurking” thing… I don’t like it. In this suffocating hellscape we call Real Life, a “lurker” is somewhere in the Voyeur to Psycho spectrum. The stalker vibe clings to a lurker like incompetent quarterbacking to

Let’s Get Positive! Starring, the NFL

Back in the XX Century, university class schedules converted Thursdays into Drinking Days. They’ve been that way ever since, confirmed by Friday hangovers. Recently, Wednesdays became Positive Days, thanks to tWBS’s ”Wednesday Motivational”. Man I miss that guy. /presses Play /crushes the Mute button Lately it’s been suckier than a Jets late afternoon

Your “Things May Turn Out Tolerable” Open Thread

Beerguyrob is off tonight. The last time I subbed, I wished for BGR to be rollicking in mirth. Rob ended up having a partially dislocated shoulder and Riga blew out her ACL.  So for tonight, Beerguyrob: I hope your mother is redecorating her place and slathers the guilt on so

Zero Expectations – 2020 Black Panthers Preview

The notable carryovers from last year's Black Panthers are Christian McCaffrey and their motto: “Keep pounding”—incidentally, tWBS’s mission statement regarding female service staff across North America. / pours out hand sanitizer for Seamus // puts sanitizer in hand, deep inhale Duly deluded about the NFL season starting in September, let’s talk Carolina fitbaw. Last

Your “Struggling With The Façade” Monday Open Thread

Beerguyrob is off tonight, hopefully rollicking in mirth. He deserves nothing less. Me? I’m in a foul mood. Didn’t want to say anything, but 2020 is starting to irk. After four months of lockdown, in the midst of a tyranny, you start to look for a silver lining to grab onto,

Wednesday Motivational: Thank You, TWBS

For real: The Wee Baby Seamus died on Monday (natural causes), and we found out yesterday through a relative. It’s heartbreaking. TWBS was one of the best friends anyone could have. We were lucky to know him. TWBS had outstanding qualities: bright, generous, more doer than talker--among many others (“A loyal