Your “Struggling With The Façade” Monday Open Thread

Beerguyrob is off tonight, hopefully rollicking in mirth. He deserves nothing less. Me? I’m in a foul mood. Didn’t want to say anything, but 2020 is starting to irk. After four months of lockdown, in the midst of a tyranny, you start to look for a silver lining to grab onto,

Wednesday Motivational: Thank You, TWBS

For real: The Wee Baby Seamus died on Monday (natural causes), and we found out yesterday through a relative. It’s heartbreaking. TWBS was one of the best friends anyone could have. We were lucky to know him. TWBS had outstanding qualities: bright, generous, more doer than talker--among many others (“A loyal

Talking Pandemic – With Special Guest

DFO talked to convicted murderer and anti-technology ideologue Theodore Ted Kaczynski about COVID-19. Commonly known as The Unabomber, Mr. Kach— Ted Kaczynski: Wait. Ideologue? Do not insult me. Door Flies Open: May I finish the voiceover? Ted Kaczynski: No. You told me this was a TED talk. Door Flies Open: Via Ted Kaczynski: Yesterday a

Commentist Beer Barrel: Heineken

Heineken is an amoral mercantile outfit that appropriated the Red Star. Still, please: put down your pitchforks and torches, because I like their beer. Per Wikipedia: Heineken Lager Beer (Dutch: Heineken Pilsener)—wait. Is Heineken a Pilsener or lager? The bottle says “lager”, which settles the issue. At least for me, because I’m not

Facts Crush Precious Delusions: 2019 Titans Bye Report

My Titans preview was an unhinged mash note to Marcus Mariota. I stand by it. Emotional stability is not a personal goal. The good news are that Tennessee is 5-5, which ain’t insurmountable in the AFC playoff race, and Mariota enters Week 12 healthy. And rested AF. [shakes head, lights cig] It was

You Philistines Don’t Deserve Marcus MarioTa – Titans 2019 Preview

A lot to unpack there! First, hey Fox: fuck you for the misspelling. I’m gonna speculate that the graphics guy was an older feller who thought “Sounds like Torretta, Ruthless Posse WOOO”, and didn’t name check out of self-satisfaction (“I can’t be racist, I know Italians!”). Too much? Listen, you misspell